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How to Renovate Your Windows and Doors Like a Pro

MediaInfoline December 21, 2020

Your windows and doors play a huge role when it comes to aesthetics, security, and adding value to your home. For instance, when guests come to visit, the front door always remains the main thing they remember about your house. It is also what people use to refer to your home. However, your doors and windows can sometimes be embarrassing when the appearance is not pleasing.

When the appearance of your doors and windows changes, there is nothing to feel horrible about. Age and weather elements can contribute hugely to this change. Painting and changing the windows and doors are some of the effective ways of handling such issues.

windows and doors

  1. Painting and Finishing Tips

Painting does not involve stroking your paintbrush anyhow. It needs precision to bring out the best results after the work is done. It should be glossy with not rough protrusions.

Ideally, when working on a door’s painting, you should remove the old paint first. It is always peeled and inconsistent, which means adding another layer of fresh paint will leave you with an ugly finish.

Sand the old paint to achieve a smooth and continuous finish. Old windows and doors can have dents and gaps from wear and tear. You can fix them by using wood filler. If your door has some discoloration, use a primer to help you get rid of it. Then, you can apply an undercoat.

A roller is preferable when applying paint to avoid leaving brush strokes on your door. Rollers come in different sizes, which give you an option to work on your budget.

A nice trick in painting your door is painting it in intervals. That is, wait for every coat to dry before applying the next. It can take you up to a week before completing painting a door depending on the weather. After applying the final coat, wait for about 24 hours before using it when the weather is warm. During cold weather, you may want to wait longer to allow complete drying.

When sanding your door, always make sure you wipe the dirt before applying a coat of paint. A soft sponge works excellently in getting rid of such dirt. Do not soak your door in the water, as this will prolong the painting process.

The gloss finishing should always come last. You can apply it in several coats for magnificent results.

  1. Hardware Updates for your windows and doors

These are the parts that are attached to your doors and windows. They include the knobs/handles, letterboxes, house numbers, and hinges. They also need serious work so that your door looks epic after applying new paint.

  • Handles/Knobs

Replacing an existing handle is part of a door renovation. For efficiency, look for a handle from reputable window manufacturers Edmonton that perfectly fits the existing space. A small handle can leave gaps in the area, making your door ugly and not secure.

Get a slightly larger handle than the previous one to cover the space.

  • Hinges

You do not have to remove your door to replace existing hinges. Instead, remove and replace each at a time. Like handles, look for matching hinges so that they can support your door. Large hinges mean you have to adjust the available space.

To avoid damaging the door frame, support it when replacing the top hinge. This hinge holds the door’s weight, and when removed without the support, it can damage other parts. After replacing your hinges, use a lubricant to allow them to run smoothly and avoid making irritating screeches.

  • House Number

A house number can be placed anywhere other than your door. However, when used on your door, it consumes its space. When removed, it can leave a mark that makes your door shout that something has been removed.

After painting your door and considering keeping the house number, work on it to make sure it provides a matching finish.

  • Letterboxes

Letterboxes are the easiest to renovate. You need to replace the old one with a new one. Screwing and unscrewing is all you need. The available sizes for the letterboxes are 10” and 12”.

However, if yours is fixed with silicon, you will need extra work other than screwing and unscrewing. Cut the glue with a sharp knife to get rid of the old letterbox.

Renovate your entry door in a DIY project the simplest way there is today.


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