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India’s Complicated Relationship with Online Betting and Online Gambling

MediaInfoline September 3, 2020

With the rise of the Internet, the gambling and betting industry was revolutionized. All of the services became available online and people were able to enjoy the latest casino games and place bets from the comfort of their home. Furthermore, they have numerous advantages over their land-based partners which is why these sites are on the way to become the leaders in the gambling industry.

India is one of the most sought out markets for both online betting and gambling, but the government has a pretty complicated stance on these activities. Although this activity is considered illegal, Indians still find ways to access these sites. Offshore companies offer their services to the people, and they are more than willing to visit them.

There are many reasons as to why these sites should be legalized, which is why we wanted to share a few words on both online gambling and online betting to have a clearer view of the situation.

Online Betting

Research has shown that a big portion of India’s population has placed bets at least once in their lifetime. Online betting has become their favourite activity in the past couple of years and there is a lot of pressure on the government from many people that demand this activity to be legalized. Online cricket betting is the most popular type.


Online Cricket Betting

Indians have no fear of placing cricket bets online because they do not face any consequences. As we mentioned earlier, although online betting is forbidden per the Gambling Act of India, these activities are not regulated, so they fall under the law’s grey area.

When placing bets online, you should know that not all sites are credible and that not all sites have the same offers. First off, you should make sure that online bookies are licensed and regulated. There are many scam sites, so be careful. As far as the credible ones, we can spare you the research of finding the best. We found the best online cricket betting platforms and since cricket games are right around the corner, make sure you check the sites out. The article also contains extra vital information.

Online Gambling

As far as online gambling, the situation is even tenser. Its status is the same as online betting – the activity is considered illegal, but due to lack of regulation, Indians can play freely at offshore gambling sites and new players register every day.

But, since the relationship is complicated, the controversy will be bound to happen. Recently, Virat Kohli, a famous cricketer, was criticized for advertising gambling sites. People stated that even though India has a rich history with gambling, he shouldn’t be advertising illegal stuff. A petition for him to be jailed was even set in motion.

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of situations like these is that this case would never happen if online casinos (and betting sites for that matter) were legal. After all, every Indian is open to these activities.


Furthermore, here’s a statement by Fredrik Brannlund, Co-Founder of ENV Media “It’s understandable to see such a dramatic backlash towards these promoters of online gambling, however demonizing the industry as a whole is not the answer. People will always find a way to gamble and it is, therefore, of much more benefit for India as a whole to be consciously aware of this and start introducing regulations to the industry.”

Our stance is that the pros outweigh the cons by legalizing and regulating this industry. Tax money, numerous employment, and the economic boost are just a few to mention.

What do you think? Should the government make online betting and gambling legal?


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