KLM shows its True ‘Blue Spirit’ amidst COVID-19 pandemic

With the Coronavirus spreading across the globe, the airline industry is severely impacted, and KLM finds strength in the heart-warming messages that they have been receiving from across the globe on social media.

In the video shared by KLM, the airline is urging everyone to stay united and strong irrespective of their nationality and support each other. The video is a culmination of KLM’s ‘Blue Spirit’ showcased during difficult times and highlights how they have been pioneers in aiding help to those who need it the most. The airline championed in importing 8,50,000 masks, brought thousands of people back home and provided 150 iPads to patients. With an expansive support team of 850 volunteers, KLM was answering questions of customers across the globe and helping them during this crisis which has gripped the world.

KLM urges everyone to take out a moment to express gratitude to everyone in the airline industry who are doing everything they can to help bring back passengers home safely.

Link to the video.

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