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Love Matters And Durex (Gab) Endorses Right To Sexual Pleasure

MediaInfoline December 12, 2017

Recognizing the occasion of ‘HUMAN RIGHTS DAY’, Love Matters India in association with Durex Global Advisory Board (GAB) of Sexual Health and wellness organized a panel discussion on the theme of ‘RIGHT TO SEXUAL PLEASURE’. This discussion is a part of a multi-country event which was organised internationally across cities such as New Delhi, London, Beirut and Johannesburg on 11th December to mark Human Rights Day. The Delhi chapter witnessed huge response and was moderated by Ms. Vithika Yadav, Member of Durex Global Advisory Board for Sexual Health and Wellbeing and Head of Love Matters India along with eminent panelists: Ms. Arushi Singh, Pleasure and Sexual Health Advocate, The Pleasure Project; Ms. Nidhi Goyal, Sexuality and Disability, Sexual Health Advocate, UNAIDS Headand Smit from Durex India.

The Panel was a perfect blend of academics, human rights lawyers, researchers, activists in sexuality, sexual health, sexual rights and gender for discussing the content and meaning of sexual pleasure from various perspectives.  The discussion was upon the issues around UN and global policy making on the right to sexual pleasure specifically and sexual rights more generally; disability, pleasure and sexuality; sexuality, pleasure, culture and religion; why Durex as a business entity cares about the right to sexual pleasure; how research can be tailored around the right to sexual pleasure and why is it important; the right to sexual pleasure in the context of sexual and gender diversity.

“We live in a country where talking about sex and sexuality is still considered taboo. The objective of holding these series of events around the globe is to promote dialogues and discussions around positive sexuality in the context of human rights and sexual health, non-discrimination, and freedom from violence. Through this event we aim to drive conversations around right to sexual pleasure, in the context of positive sexuality, gender and body diversity, disability, culture, religion, sex work, youth sexuality, non-discrimination and many more less talked about topics from a multidisciplinary perspective. Our association with Durex will surely help reach out to the right audience and provide a platform globally to put our country related issues in the forefront”, said Ms. Vithika Yadav, Member of Durex Global Advisory Board for Sexual Health and Wellbeing and Head of Love Matters India.

Also present at the event, Former Model and Indian actorness Anu Agarwal joined the panel to discuss about freedom of Human Rights through her non-profit organisation AAF. She addedOur culture often forbids us from talking about sex and sexuality in an open and honest way. Through my interactions with various people around the world I have gathered many insights in the way people want to connect and explore their sexuality which is often outlawed because of societal stigmas. We need more of such platforms to voice out our opinion and embrace freedom for sexual pleasure. I feel ecstaticSmit from to be a part of this global event and I support the initiative with my whole heart.”


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