Magazine readers are the most discerning and influential: NICS 21 of Kantar

Magazine readers are the most discerning influential: NICS 21 of Kantar

Magazine readers in India are far more aware, well off and brand-conscious than any other media, including digital. This is revealed by the New Indian Consumer Survey (NICS) 2021  published by Kantar, the leading data global analytics and brand consulting company. The analysis is of special significance as the fieldwork was carried out post the pandemic impact, from August to October 2021.

The NICS 2021 is a special edition study in place of TGI and covers a battery of 200 attitudinal statements.  Affinity Scores are attitudinal endorsement scores for certain cohorts indexed to the All India Urban universe.  The special study, based on 25 select statements from this concludes that magazine readers are also the most likely to be influencers and innovators than any other medium, including digital, based on the Affinity  Scores.

Among the statements where magazines show the highest affinity are: ‘People come to me for advice  before buying new things’, ‘Shopping online makes my life easier and I do some form of sport or exercise at  least once a week.’

Speaking on the new survey finding, B Srinivasan (Ananda Vikatan), President of the Association of Indian  Magazines remarked, “The survey confirms what we have been always asserting, that magazines by their  very nature, attract a very premium readership and one that places great trust in this medium. It is  therefore not surprising that the engagement levels of magazines are far higher than that of other media  entities”. He further added, “Our readers are more discerning than that of various other media domains.  NICS 2021 is a stellar offering from Kantar and effectively studies all-important attitudinal trends.” 

The findings are part of a campaign to be released by Dastaan Hub, the brand solutions studio of the Association of Indian Magazines. 

Shripad Kulkarni, veteran media agency professional and Advisor, Dastaan Hub studio said, “Attitude  statements are a treasure of insights that can be used for sharp targeting. We have seen over various TGI  survey rounds that magazine readers are clearly more upmarket and brand conscious influencers.”

The NICS 2021, a well-respected study actively used by media planners, is a pan-India study with 20,000  respondents from NCCS ABC, 18-55 years. Apart from media habits, the study measures the changes in the  consumer’s mindset and attitudes, category and brand consumption and lifestyle.

Rajiv Dubey, Head of Media at leading FMCG major Dabur, commented, “Magazine readers by definition  are the more discerning and aware audiences who are looking at stories in depth, whether it’s socio political topics or special interest topics. Heartening to know that research confirms that, post pandemic  too the profile remains so. Hopefully on the back of this strength circulation too will soon get back to pre pandemic levels.”

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