Miracle Foundation creates ‘miracles’ for 194 children without parental care


Miracle Foundation India, a non-profit organization based in New Delhi and in Austin, US empowers children without parental care to reach their full potential. The NGO is supporting 194 children in higher education. Together with their donors, Miracle Foundation has successfully raised funds to send 194 students to college.

Miracle Foundation strongly believes that education is the single most important factor in breaking the cycle of poverty. By receiving a quality education, children are empowered to reach their full potential and become healthy, happy, thriving adults. Educating children without parental care benefits not only the kids themselves, but also the communities in which they live. Plus, children who receive a quality education are less likely to engage in crime or require social support from the government—minimizing societal costs.

Miracle Foundation brings life-changing care to orphans across India, one of whom is Kalpana. Kalpana grew up at Rourkela children’s home in Odisha and was recently accepted to college. Miracle Foundation set up a meeting for Kalpana and a career counselor, who helped Kalpana discover her passion for nursing. Miracle Foundation is now supporting Kalpana with a scholarship.

Twenty-four Miracle Foundation donors set up peer-to-peer online donation pages and helped raise some of the funds needed to send these 194 students to higher education. These donors brought in 13 lakhs in 30 days.

Speaking on this initiative, Caroline Boudreaux (Founder, Miracle Foundation) said, “Miracle Foundation is proud to support Kalpana and 193 other students with scholarships. I am so grateful to our donors for helping raise funds to send the kids to college. Together we are changing the lives of children by giving them a quality education and a bright future.”

Founded on Mother’s Day in 2000, Miracle Foundation’s philosophy is to find a loving family for every orphaned child. And while children are in transition to a family, they guarantee a quality education, a safe and loving environment, and personalized care so they are healthy and “known.”

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