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Network 18 & Diageo India Launch #Thankyoupolice Campaign

MediaInfoline January 18, 2020

Diageo India and Network 18 acknowledged the contribution of the Mumbai Traffic Police with the ‘#ThankYouPolice’ campaign as part of the ‘Road Safety Week’ for working tirelessly towards the safety of the citizens, better traffic management and keeping law and order in check.

In order to honour the Mumbai Traffic, Police, Diageo and Network 18 have put up a #ThankYouPolice installation at Bandstand Promenade for pedestrians, students and people living in the neighbourhood to take cognizance of the Mumbai Police’s efforts towards keeping the city streets safe.  The installation will be kept at the promenade till the end of the month.

Shri. Anil Parab, Minister of Transport and Parliamentary Affairs, Government of Maharashtra and Actor Sumeet Raghavan unveiled the installation on Friday morning, which showcases the hat of the Mumbai Police officer.

Shri. Anil Parab lauded the efforts of the Mumbai Police and its traffic department for maintaining traffic discipline and ensuring a smooth flow of traffic. He said, “I welcome the initiative of Diageo and Network 18 as the head of the department. The way the traffic problems of the city is on the rise, it is nice to know that institutions like them are there to appreciate the work of Mumbai Traffic Police. It is not an easy task to maintain traffic discipline and unclog the roads for a smooth flow of traffic, however, the Mumbai Police have put in their best foot forward to ensure smooth flow. I welcome the initiative to recognise the contributions of the Mumbai Traffic Police.”

Actor, Sumeet Raghavan mentioned there should be self-discipline among the citizens so there wouldn’t be any instance where they violate traffic rules. “We should obey the rules and adhere to all the traffic regulations. We are like school kids and when we don’t have a class teacher in the room, we create a ruckus. Similar is the situation when we are on the road. When we see the red light at the signal we should stop, but we feel it is okay to break the law. Now with the cameras, there is a sense of fear instilled by the Mumbai Traffic Police. We shouldn’t be worried about the camera or the Traffic Police, we as citizens should discipline ourselves. The kind of work the Mumbai Police and the Mumbai Traffic Police is doing is humungous and a big salute to their efforts.


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