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SBI General Insurance study reveals the growing incidence of Diabetes in India

MediaInfoline November 14, 2016

SBI General Insurance Company Ltd, one of the fastest growing general insurance companies in India, did a study on their claims data, on the occasion of World Diabetes Day to spread awareness on what could become ‘the world’s seventh largest killer by 2030’ as stated by WHO.

The burden of diabetes is increasing globally, particularly in developing countries. The causes are complex, but the increase is in large part due to rapid increase in weight, obesity and physical inactivity.

In alignment with World Diabetes Day 2016, SBI General Insurance analysed its internal claims data to discover trends in claims made against diabetes.

SBI General’s study on claims reveals that there has been rise in the number of claims reported each year and most number of claims were received by Maharashtra and Kerala which accounts for 18% claims from each of the two states, followed by Tamil Nadu which accounts for 10%. Additionally, more number of cases were reported for Conservative treatment which account to 76% as compared to surgical treatment that accounts for 24%. Conservative is defined as treatment with oral medicines, insulin or IV medications while Surgical is defined as treatment which requires operation or intervention.

Below are some of the interesting trends from the claims data on diabetes mellitus:

  • Of the total claims made towards diabetes, 58% claims were reported by people between 41-60 years of age
  • According to the data on diabetes, claims from male members are higher than female members at 62% and 38% respectively
  • 76% claims were made for Conservative treatment and rest 24% claims were made for Surgical treatment. This would mean that a large number of population is dependent on medications and insulin to control Diabetes.

Mick Miller, SVP Claims, SBI General Insurance said, “As per various estimated diabetes is alarmingly growing in India which is now home to almost 65 million diabetics and is infamously known as the Diabetic capital of the World.  

Diabetes can damage the heart, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys, and nerves that could lead to expensive treatments like amputation, retinopathy, coronary angiography and bypass. India’s economic boom has been accompanied by a meteoric increase in the number of people with diabetes – and those at risk for the disease.

A lifestyle disease, Diabetes to a large extend can be avoided or controlled through right diet and exercise and an urgent need to give up on the sedentary routine that most working Indians have subscribed to. Our claims study is indicating a growing number of claims YoY due to diabetes which is signifying an urgency for all to start considering a healthier lifestyle to combat this silent killer. ”


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