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Sex Education in the School’s Curriculum: Tips and Ways for Efficient Integration

MediaInfoline March 30, 2021

Sex Education CurriculumSexuality education is a vital component of school education. It is expected to create a safe and healthy learning environment as well as promote youth-friendly services in the country. The proper subject implementation requires cooperation on all levels, counting legislation, school administration, parents, teachers, and students. Once people on every level realize the significant role of sex education at school and strive to work for successful integration, it will become possible to create the best educational and gender tolerant environment and prevent any kind of sexual or gender harassment during studying and in the future.

Sexuality education is not subject to skip, to ask for homework to be done by

Pro-papers professionals, or neglected in favor of other subjects. If you still hesitate, learn more about the reasons and means to integrate sexuality education into the school curriculum.

Why Do We Need Sexuality Education at School

Sexuality education is an essential part of school education that establishes the foundation of healthy relationships in society. Schools cannot stand aside when the wellness and adequacy of the whole generation are in question. Here the reasons and necessaries a proper school sexuality education can only solve:

  • Build up student self-esteem, in-field knowledge, and skills
  • Form respectful relationships
  • Prepare students to perform their social roles in the nearest future
  • Stay tolerant to gender norms and personal choices
  • Prevent gender-based inequality and violence
  • Encourage formal and informal sexuality awareness in an age-appropriate format.

How to Integrate the Sexuality Education Properly

The proper and integrated implementation of sexuality education is to be performed on several levels simultaneously. If each level of the following hierarchy operates properly the end product will be a proper sexuality education for school:

  • Legislation – sexuality education principles and visions should be established on the legislative level.
  • Curriculum – there are several models on how to integrate sexuality education in the curriculum, already working in different countries. Sexuality education as a stand-alone subject; integrated into different subjects (biology, healthy lifestyles, civics, social citizenship) from a certain aspect; implemented from a different angle into art, language, or literature; as a non-compulsory, extracurricular subject. All ways are workable, you should only select the most suitable one.
  • Environment – it is vital to create the proper environment to help to nurture healthy sexual behavior, discipline, and awareness. School administration, teachers, parents, and school officers should work in the same way and vision to implement this principle.
  • Parents – parents should participate actively in the sexuality education of their children. From being just aware and approve of such a discipline at school to providing kids with informal sexuality education beyond school lessons.
  • Teacher – the sexuality education teacher is not to be appointed but carefully chosen from the willing candidates. Better if the teacher has special education behind or passes appropriate qualifications before the start of the course. It is vital for students to feel comfortable with the teacher studying sensitive topics.
  • Means – the financial support from the government and other educational institutes should lie not only in the directives, recommended curriculum, and norms. It is good when the school is supplied with the educational materials, visual prompts, sources for extra qualifications for teachers and school staff, educational platforms and support for students, and so on. This way the sexuality education implementation will go in a more natural way.
  • Students – children should be open and unprejudiced to sexuality education, which can be only as a result of gradual and thorough preparation for the special curse.

The understanding of the necessity of sexuality education integration on all levels and cooperation will result in supplying students with needed knowledge and skills for young and adult life.

The Expected Results

Properly implemented sexuality education is expected to decrease the level of sexual harassment and violence, gender-based intolerance and hostility, and sexual health issues. Turning educational institutions in schools of life with the accent on life-skills and life-knowledge subjects will help to nurture a healthy, tolerant and cooperative society in the nearest future.


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