Shalimar Paints stands with its painters in need amid COVID 19 crisis

In midst of on-going COVID19 crisis, Shalimar Paints has decided to help the painter community so that they sustain their livelihood in this difficult time. As part of this initiative, the iconic paint manufacturer has decided to transfer a small relief fund to the registered painters in need to help them manage their day-to-day expenses.

The pandemic has significantly affected the livelihood of painters as most of them are daily-wage earners who solely rely on the house and office painting activities. In the wake of lockdown and fear, businesses and individuals have either cancelled or postponed these activities for ensuring safety.

Commenting on the initiative, Minal Srivastava, Vice President-Strategy, Growth and Marketing, Shalimar Paints, said, “We at Shalimar Paints have been closely working with the painter community. Their commitment and contribution to our business has always been impressive and have helped us yield better results. However, it is unfortunate that COVID 19 has not only brought businesses to a grinding halt but has also presented a new challenge for a large number of painters. The closure of painting activities across India has temporarily taken away their jobs and put them in a helpless situation. We hope this initiative would help them in taking care of their family to buy essential items during the lockdown period.”

To contain the spread of coronavirus contagion, Shalimar Paints has also ceased the operation of its manufacturing and sales units for the next few days until further notice.

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