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SoCheers urges other agencies to ‘Make this a format worth trending’

MediaInfoline April 7, 2020

SoCheers celebrates their 7th anniversary on 8th of April. In lieu of the current scenario, SoCheers pledged to do something special for the less fortunate ones – spreading the ‘CHEER’ a little differently.

They put together a vetted-list of organisations (you can view it here) that are helping the needy and opened them up to their team at large. For every donation made by an employee at SoCheers, SoCheers pledged to do the same. i.e. If someone donated ‘X’ to a particular entity, SoCheers will donate ‘X’  too to the same organization on their behalf. Causes ranged from donating food for daily wage earners, to medical supplies required across medical institutions to animal welfare during a time like this. Different people resonated with different causes, and had the option of donating whatever they resonated with most & felt like they made a difference to something that mattered to them as an individual. Diverse causes run by World Health Organisation (WHO), Zomato Feeding India, Pharmeasy – Gift A Mask, Goonj – Raahat Covid 19, The Voice Of Stray Dogs, Roti Bank, Chief Minister’s Relief Fund- COVID 19 were a part of the list.

Through this cheering activity, over 52% of the SoCheers team contributed, each contributing to an average of 2 causes. In total, SoCheers & team contributed to 15 different funds & were able to make a difference to many lives overall.

Mehul Gupta, Co-founder & CEO, SoCheers, said “Together, we can make a bigger impact. Our team chose to make a difference while staying at home. This is the trend all agencies should be adapting right now, this is the ‘topicality’ we need to be talking about, with the same fervour that we put into other topical things. I urge all other agency co-founders/teams to take up this initiative and do their bit.”

Siddharth Devnani, Co-founder & CTO, SoCheers, said  “We’re all facing difficult and unprecedented times – but my overall feeling through this all has been one of gratitude. Now, more than ever, I feel fortunate for the team we have in place – despite challenges, they’ve all risen together beautifully. We’re also very lucky to be a business that’s not been crushed by this pandemic & that’s why we must give back.”

SoCheers is also committed to protect its people from sudden drops in pay, as a result of market disruption or being unable to perform their role. SoCheers is committed to doing what they can, for the team & for the community, and urges other people in the industry to do the same. No amount is big or small, it’s the action that’s more important. Look out for one another, and give a little extra kindness where you can. Stay safe, and stay positive.


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