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Stainless steel kitchen shelves: top 3 choices for commercial spaces

MediaInfoline January 5, 2021

The most common approach to the organization of items in any commercial kitchen and keeping the area tidy and properly arranged are stainless steel kitchen shelves. There is a variety of shelving system types, such as wall-mounted shelves, complete mobile shelving kits with wheels, cooling bakery pan racks, extra shelves for your working table, etc. Your choice depends on your needs. For example, to deal with limited space issues in the busy kitchen, and boost the productivity of your personnel, vertical shelves of different sizes, shapes, edge types, configurations can come in handy. For avoiding keeping bulky boxes on the floor, only durable dunnage racks can serve as a stand for those items, enhancing cleanliness. To store supplies and products, wire shelves are a great pick. So let’s dive into more details and the benefits of the 3 most popular stainless steel kitchen shelves.

Stainless steel kitchenReasons why you should consider these stainless steel kitchen shelves models

Wire wall-mount shelving. A steel lightweight wire shelf is quite rigid and is able to withstand wear and impacts, taking up a minimum of space while providing excellent airflow and ventilation, which is very useful if you store perishable goods there. Objects on such shelves are visually accessible. Food will not get spoiled and will always be fresh. The minimalistic design gives such a shelf a decent appearance and allows it to fit into any working area.

Metal solid microwave shelf. Attached to the wall, stable and long-lasting stainless steel kitchen shelves can hold and safely support heavy-weighted household appliances with no risks of falling. Such a shelf occupies only vertical space, so the desktop prep locations are free from objects that can prevent quick implementation of daily restaurant routine. Key benefits of such type of stainless steel shelves in the kitchen:

  • hassle-free and fast installation;
  • the rust-proof and non-toxic option is ideal for commercial intensive use under conditions that are typical for the kitchen of a food establishment;
  • available in different sizes that can fit any space;
  • a great assistant for keeping the frequently-used oven within reach and drastically facilitating staff performance;
  • welded support brackets will enhance stability, so you can mount the shelf over your working zones, sinks, or stove.

Moreover, this versatile equipment is possible to use not only for ovens but for placing utensils, ingredients, etc.

Dunnage racks. To comply with food safety rules, you should keep all items above the floor level. Thus, such a sturdy, hard-wearing, cleanable, and impact-resistant construction as dunnage racks will expand storage capacity. There is a rack with casters, so you can use them for transporting heavy packages from one place to another or invest in stationary models with adjustable legs to keep large-sized items, ingredients, and food in a neat environment free from germs and bacteria. The racks can be also louvered for good air circulation in places with high humidity levels. However, solid options are easier to wash, maintaining sanitary standards.

Generally, stainless steel shelves in the kitchen are impervious to excessive moisture, they won’t be exposed to corrosion, staining, or fungus, as in the case with other material types (wooden or plastic).


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