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Tata Sons Chairman, N. Chandrasekaran is now a LinkedIn Influencer

MediaInfoline January 20, 2020

LinkedIn announced Natarajan Chandrasekaran, Chairman of the Board of Tata Sons, as a LinkedIn Influencer. As part of the LinkedIn Influencer program, N. Chandrasekaran joins an esteemed group of 500+ Indian and international leaders such as Narendra ModiBill GatesRichard BransonPriyanka ChopraOprah WinfreyJustin Trudeau, and Sachin Tendulkar, among many other noteworthy personalities. These global pioneers, thought leaders, and visionaries spark insightful conversations and discussions on the platform, and continue to be a strong inspiration to professionals across industries. Other LinkedIn Influencers from India include Kiran Mazumdar ShawKailash SatyarthiVani Kola, and Anny Divya.

  1. Chandrasekaran first joined Tata Group as an intern in 1987 and rose through the ranks at TCS to become CEO and Managing Director of the global IT solutions and consulting firm. In 2017, he was appointed Chairman of the Board of Tata Sons, one of the country’s largest conglomerates. Today, as a LinkedIn influencer, N. Chandrasekaran engages with the platform’s 62+ million members in India, by underlining the impact of technological developments on industries and people. He also uses the power of his voice to highlight the importance of community and trust. In hisdebut LinkedIn article, the businessman highlighted how the shift from ‘shareholder capitalism’ to ‘stakeholder capitalism’ can help any company foster trust and inclusion, in order to create scalable impact and value.

In his latest article on LinkedIn, N. Chandrasekaran writes about his new book, ‘Bridgital Nation’ that talks about how technology can be used to solve India’s employment and economic hurdles. India is troubled by ‘twin challenges’, he writes; people want good jobs but don’t have the means to acquire them, and there are people in need of services that are out of their reach. He believes combining people with technology can be the best way to upskill and close the gap.

On being announced as a LinkedIn Influencer, N. Chandrasekaran, said, “Business opportunities, cutting across sectors, can be realised through engaging discussions and meaningful collaborations. The potential on the platform for continuous learning, experience sharing and lateral thinking is very exciting. I look forward to interacting with the LinkedIn members in converting challenges into opportunities, fostering innovation and delivering sustained societal impact.” 

“We are delighted to welcome N. Chandrasekaran as a LinkedIn Influencer. N. Chandrasekaran’s visionary bent of mind, drive for technology excellence, and his inspiring professional journey will lend itself to valuable discussions on the business and economy on our platform,” said Adith Charlie, India Managing Editor, LinkedIn.

In an exclusive video interview with LinkedIn, N. Chandrasekaran shares his views on success, economic development, and on becoming a CEO. A few nuggets below (in his own words):

On loving your work everyday: “I think there are days in which you feel more pressure, if you will. But I think most part of my career, I really feel that I have had a very, very enjoyable profession because my job at TCS for 30 years saw me learning a lot of technology and also meet with different customers, different industries, travel around the world… And work in teams, work with some great people.”

On becoming a CEO: “… you don’t chase a title. You chase a dream. If you have an aspiration and a purpose and then you give it all you got, I think you’ll be surprised. You will far exceed what you dream about.”

On his new book: “…the more I thought about it, I felt that actually all of the problems can be grouped into two challenges. One is definitely a lack of access…On the other side I think we have a lot of talent, and in a way I can say that we have both demand and supply, but we can’t match…we saw technology as a bridge between people and access.”

On the impact of automation on jobs and education: “I fundamentally think that AI, if applied well, irrespective of the market, it can make a big impact, both in terms of productivity and job creation…One of the things that we need to definitely do is to make some interventions in our education system…the skills that are required to address real time problems are collaboration with people, creativity and critical thinking.”

On why companies should focus on stakeholder capitalism: “By focusing on a full stakeholder value, it is not that you are eroding shareholder value…if you focus on stakeholders, most of the time the shareholder value will get created… I think a satisfied customer or a satisfied employee is all interlinked.”

On the Indian economy: “…I personally believe that India is a phenomenal market and I’m extremely bullish on India because there are a lot of factors going for us. I think India will get more organized… And there will be more middle income people in India, which essentially means that it’ll be more affordable spend that’s going to happen. And most of India’s infrastructure is yet to get built.”

Follow N Chandrasekaran on LinkedIn, and watch his exclusive video interview with LinkedIn here.


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