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A Typical Day At The Agency : Madhura Ranade, Director-Business Isobar India

MediaInfoline February 8, 2019

You walk in with a swarm of people all trying to ‘punch in’ before we start the day to avoid any late marks. Rushing to the coffee machine to load up on caffeine before we even open our laptop and embrace the crazy day that awaits. Not a coffee person? Me neither. But it’s just what we do at an agency. If you want people to notice how cool you are, drink it black – or even better, go for the green tea. If you want to actually enjoy the taste, put milk and sugar in your coffee (or tea in my case) and take a deep breath before the emails start pouring in.

You see the regulars who are at their desks at ungodly early hours to get a head start on their day, while there are others who are the usual suspects, walking in late with dark circles and a groggy look – a result of a previous late night, working (or post work beers!). The day starts with daily job meetings, and usually, a classic tussle between client servicing and creative teams over deadlines and client expectations. You will likely hear the words ‘revenue’, ‘campaigns’, ‘social calendar’ and the most dreaded, but secretly loved – ‘pitch’. Just as you’re about to get into your work mode, a bunch of people ask you to join them on their smoke and chai break so the creativity can flow and we can brainstorm together.

There is always someone stealing someone’s meeting room and someone making a presentation, HR sending emails to attend some workshop or people rushing out for meetings with their laptops open, not wanting to miss any deadlines.

We may have to tolerate a fair amount of pressure and stress, but we rarely endure the burden of boredom. In almost every agency, variety trumps repetition.

It’s all about the power of convincing. Client Servicing convincing a client to buy into a campaign idea, the Business Development team convincing someone to take up a pitch in a stretched timeline or the media team convincing a client to spend more money on their campaign. It’s never a dull day.

If we make even the smallest effort, we can find purpose in our work. We can create brands, improve people’s lives, connect one another for the greater good, or just lighten up someone’s day.

All this madness and chaos, is somehow organised. Something feels amiss if there is peace and quiet at the agency. It feels like a sense of energy and adrenaline is missing. And we thrive on adrenaline. We flourish when we argue over something because while it may look like an argument, it is just us challenging each other to do better. We hustle. We cry. We win. We celebrate. We aren’t just the Agency of the Year for 4 consecutive years for nothing. We are all about innovations – whether it is an innovative idea or tech, or an innovative way to address a business problem, Isobarians look for ideas without limits; to push our limits to do better everyday personally, or as a team for our clients.And we wouldn’t have it any other way.


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