UP will be the first state in India to conduct three covid vaccination dry runs


While the preparations for Covid-19 vaccination are in the final stages in the state, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has given instructions for a thorough review of the preparations of the third dry run on January 11.

It is to be mentioned that the dry run of the vaccination has been carried out successfully on January 5 and January 8, UP will be the first state in the country to conduct the dry run for the third time. The dry run will be conducted at six places (three rural and three urban) in all the districts of the state.

Meanwhile, Covid-19 vaccination will be carried out in the state in three phases and the CM is himself monitoring and reviewing the preparations. In this regard, he has also given clear instructions that all the guidelines of the central government should be followed.

Health workers to be vaccinated in the first phase

In the first phase, all the government and non-government health workers will be vaccinated. While 9 lakh health workers will be vaccinated in the first three days, the people of this category who are left behind for any reason, will be vaccinated on the fourth day.

In the second phase, staff of essential services will be vaccinated

In the second phase, the police, jail personnel, home guards, sanitation workers of urban bodies, revenue personal engaged in the work of civil defense and surveillance etc., will be vaccinated. In the third phase, people above the age of 50 years, and those below 50 years who suffer from serious diseases like cancer, diabetes etc., will be vaccinated.

A card will be given after vaccination with the next date mentioned

After the vaccination, a card will be issued to the concerned person having the name address, etc and the next date of vaccination will also be mentioned on it. The name of those to be vaccinated will be decided in advance and only these people will be able to visit the vaccination center. Vaccination will be done after verification and person will have also have to spend half-an-hour in the observation room.

Vaccination sequence will have to be followed

The CM has asserted that the sequence of vaccination will have to followed as per the Centre’s guidelines and will not be jumped in any case.

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