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Webinar Best Practices For Making More Sales

MediaInfoline June 23, 2020

It’s always a fun time to be a marketer when you’re ready to start running webinars.

After all, webinars are one of the biggest ways to grow your business, given the fact that they are perfect for selling higher ticket products, offers, and services.

But before you dive right into running your first webinar, there are a few tips that you’re going to need to keep in mind.

These tips will help you out when it comes to not only avoiding mistakes, but also making more sales.

Let’s begin with the first best practice of running webinars.

1) Go With Live Webinars First

I completely get it, doing live webinars can be as scary as standing in front of a large group of people and making a speech.

Nevertheless, it is something that you get better with when you gain more experience. It’s also important to go with live webinars first because that allows you to get the proper feedback that you need.

  • Does your audience like your offer?
  • Are they coming up with any objections?
  • Most importantly, are they buying what you have to offer?

These are important questions that you’re going to need to answer. In fact, they are so important, that you should know as much information as possible when it comes to each of these questions.

If your audience doesn’t like your offer, then you simply need to work on your sales copy or create a completely new offer.

If your audience is coming up with objections, then you need to be able to successfully address them in your webinars.

The more you can fix those questions, the more sales you’ll end up getting.

2) Automate Once You Dial In Your Live Webinar

After being around many upcoming webinar marketers, what they usually want to do is run automated webinars first. The reason is simple, they are scared of running live webinars and I know exactly how they feel.

However, running an automated webinar before a live webinar is going to waste a lot of your time. This is why you need to run live webinars first so that you can iron out all of the mistakes and make the appropriate changes.

Once you’ve got a high-converting webinar, then you can look for other automated webinar software and start running them around the clock. Despite the fact that automated webinar software can have a higher investment, it’s very easy to make a return on investment if you’re selling any type of mid-ticket or high-ticker offer.

3) Utilize Your Automated Webinar Chat

When you have your automated webinar setup, you can actually import the chat that was created with your live sessions. This is another great reason why you’ll want to record your live webinars first.

Either way, this makes your automated webinars look live, and it’s also a great way to add social proof when people engage with your webinars and enjoy the content that’s being shared.

To make things even better, the social proof will be at its best when customers talk about how they just invested in the offer and how excited they are to get started.

You can always keep negative comments around too, only to use them to your advantage and completely discredit what a troll had to originally say in their comment. It’s up to you, but the chatbox is something that you should certainly utilize when it comes to making more sales.


There’s a lot to learn when it comes to creating and running high-converting webinars. However, if you keep these three big tips in mind, you’ll be well ahead of the competition when you create your first webinar.

Just make sure that you can get a sufficient amount of traffic to your webinars. It could be from Facebook, Instagram, or even platforms like TikTok. The more traffic you get, the faster you can make better changes to your webinar marketing strategies.



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