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What Happens When You Wake Up at The Same Time Daily

MediaInfoline March 26, 2021

Wake Up at The Same Time

Many people wake up at different times every morning depending on how often they hit the snooze alarm if it’s a holiday or a weekend. But very few wake up at the same time every day. This shows how the sleep-wake cycle of most people is not at par affecting how they start their day. However, depending on how your day is, it affects how best you follow through a sleep routine. For instance, shift workers and first-time mothers can get a lot of disrupted sleep. If you are not any of the above, what if you commit to waking up at the same time every day. Below are some of the things to expect.

You have more energy

Getting out of a warm bed to the frigid apartment air will be a challenge in the beginning. But once you decide to get out of it, you win the first task of the day. Avoid laying there for hours hoping you will trade your life with that of your cat for a day and move on to what is next in your routine. You will feel energetic since you get enough hours of sleep, and you do not have to rush going through your routine as you have enough time to start your day. Notably, ensure you have a comfortable mattress and pillow to avoid waking up with aches and feeling fatigued. If not, go through mattress reviews to find a new one that ensures you sleep comfortably.

You no longer need an alarm 

Since you will be waking up on the same day every day, your body’s circadian rhythm will help you wake up at the same time. If you have an alarm set for 7:30 in the morning and you are used to waking you at 7:00 in the morning. You will find yourself waking up before the alarm goes off. This will start your day on a good note in comparison to how an alarm startles you when it goes off. Also, when you wake up like this, you feel surprisingly awake. This is because your body’s circadian rhythm has adapted to a complete sleep cycle before it expects to be woken up. Due to this, they will be no snoozing for half an hour for you woke up at your usual time.

You can exercise in the morning 

Many people postpone their exercise to the evening since they wake up in a rush after snoozing many times. When you wake up at the same time, you will want to exercise as you have more energy. This will come as a surprise to most of you and even though you start with minimal exercise you will find yourself adding on an exercise regime in your early morning hours with this new sleep habit. Try going out for a run, jump rope, or some home cardio exercises. Exercising in the morning is an excellent way to start your day. Plus, you can do this with your dog every morning when you go out for a run.

Eating patterns become predictable

This simply means that you can easily tell when your body will be hungry. This is one perk that most people who wake up at the same time do not expect. Since you are no longer forgetting a meal due to a rushed morning or eating two as you woke up close to lunch. You will find your patterns predictable as you no longer wake up starving, eating when not hungry, as you will be eating at the right time including your dinner. Plus, the new eating pattern will be way better for the stomach compared to the others.

You sleep at the same time

When you start following through with this habit, going to bed at the same time becomes easier. This is because, as you wake up at the same time, you get tired at the same time and this becomes your sleep-wake-up cycle. This will not require any effort from you and you also get enough sleep from this cycle. When you get quality and quantity of sleep every day, you wake up energized for the day until the body signals it is time to go to bed.


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