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What Online Entertainment has Learned From Hackers – and How to Protect Your Account

MediaInfoline October 28, 2020

Online entertainment websites are an obvious target for hackers.  The most popular type of online entertainment for hackers are gambling sites. Many online gambling platforms handle millions of dollars every single day, so it makes perfect sense that hackers are keen to take a slice of the prize.

Hackers have been known to target online gambling sites for the consumers’ personal financial information that they hold. Sometimes they can do this by targeting a betting site with artificial web traffic, essentially using bot accounts to overwhelm their servers. This is just one method of gaining access, as many hackers are supremely crafty in gaining access to site information.

Luckily, online betting companies have been able to learn from the attempts of those trying to hack into their systems, and the vast majority are now able to protect their customers and their financial details.

Online EntertainmentMost reputable betting sites now use sophisticated encryption techniques to protect the password and personal details of players, for example, sites like have adopted impressive safety measures to ensure that hackers are kept at bay. They also provide a list of the reliable payment services they use at the bottom of their homepage, everything from traditional services like Visa and Maestro to secure online ones like Trustly or Sofort.

Gambling companies are on the ball in the digital age then, but some of the responsibility still lies with the consumer to ensure that they are doing everything possible to stay safe. How can they do that?

How to protect your account

Changing your password regularly is a tip that you would do well to follow across everything online-focused, not just online gambling. Changing your password on a regular basis makes it very difficult for hackers to enter your account and find your personal information. Similarly, it is important to ensure you do not use the same password for everything.

Think about it, if you use exactly the same password across several different accounts, then as soon as one of your accounts is compromised, they all are. It is a frequent tactic of online fraudsters to identify a password and then to use it across multiple different sites.

Something that you may not know about is that public WI-FI is especially vulnerable to hackers as you can see here; Public Wi-Fi isn’t password-protected a lot of the time. If you fancy a flutter while you are out and about, make sure you use a 4G internet connection.

Last, one for the players that gamble whilst using a computer; it is important to ensure that up-to-date and fully functioning anti-virus software is installed on your computer. This will help to filter out potentially harmful threats, and will warn the user when they are encountering a potentially harmful situation. It does not necessarily have to cost a lot of money either – many anti-virus platforms now cost a pittance or are even available to download free of charge.

Online gambling companies have reacted smartly and aggressively to the rise in hackers, but there remains a strong degree of personal responsibility in ensuring that your personal and financial information remains safe.

Ensure that you are switched on, smart, and skeptical at all times, and your information will stay safe.


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