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What can you do with a maritime management degree?

MediaInfoline June 10, 2020

The rapid advancements in the global trade and commerce industry has boosted the business of the global supply chain management industry. Maritime and shipping management take the major brunt of the supply chain industry – hence, there is a rapid increase in the operations of maritime transport as well.

This boom in the industry has created the need for qualified professionals who can ensure the effective management of ports and ships. Career roles in this industry also require and organisational skills to supervise, organise and look after the smooth functioning of ports, shipyards and docks.

Pursuing a course in maritime and shipping management can provide you with all the skills and subject expertise required for a career in the shipping industry. Read ahead to learn more about the future career prospects.

What are the career prospects of a maritime management course?

A master’s degree related to the maritime management covers the essential concepts of maritime management including port and cargo operations, international sea laws, marine insurance and chartering. The course can also include the management theories and their application in real-time shipping and maritime.

Maritime management graduates can explore the massive career opportunities in this industry such as international trade and commerce, logistics, maritime insurance, port management, shipping, dockyard management and shipping laws.

Here are some exciting career opportunities in the shipping domain.

  • Merchant officer: This role in merchant navy can involve the strategic management of different trading decisions, management and handling of cargo, and communication with different trading organisations. A merchant officer needs to be an expert at diplomatic communication skills and must possess knowledge of international trade regulations, and maritime agreements between various nations. The role of a merchant officer is extremely challenging as it can require you to be off-port for months together.
  • Yard manager: A yard manager is responsible for the entire management and maintenance of a shipping dockyard. The role can also require you to be in charge of the loading and unloading of trading ships at the dockyard.This job requires a fair amount of physical agility, patience, good communication skills, and a detailed knowledge of docking policies and shipping components.
  • Shipping manager: Shipping managers are usually hired by logistics companies to be in charge of the handling and movement of different goods and cargo from one port to another. Although this is a desk job, it can involve regular inspection visits to the dockyard. The position requires detailed knowledge of docking policies, management strategies, and good communication skills.
  • Port Manager: This position involves the management of operations and the logistics of a port. It requires a detailed understanding of the various types of ships in a port, the type of cargo handling at a port, and the port rules and regulations.

Apart from these jobs, you can also pursue their careers as planning and development officers of a shipping company, shipping operations managers, imports and exports managers, maritime environment officers and port planning officers. Enrol in a shipping management course today to take the seas by the storm!


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