Why freelancing is not so popular in India?

Freelancing work

As regular jobs are facing a constant strain, the trend of freelancing is booming at a rapid pace. Though it’s hard to be accepted in India, people are trying to live with this ‘New Normal’. Read the full story to know further about it.

In the last few years, freelancing has gained momentum. With the ease of working and flexible deadlines, people are much more inclined towards the career of a freelancer rather than being full-time employees. Freelancing has gained more popularity in places outside India but in India it is still undergoing the process. A large percentage of people have shifted towards freelancing but a huge shift is yet to be seen. Along with that, with the ongoing situation of COVID-19, companies are largely shifting from office jobs to providing permanent work from home to their employees. In such cases, many people must be experiencing some spare time left with them as travel time has faced a cut. So, it is the right time to get started with bagging some freelance projects.

Hence, there are numerous advantages of choosing Freelancing as a career option.

Let’s see how!

Benefits of commencing your career as a freelancer in India

Enables you to work freely

Another name of ‘Freelancing’ is ‘Flexibility’, meaning, it provides you with an ease of working with not so hard and fast deadlines. Along with that, it enables you to take leave whenever you are feeling sick.

Stability in work

Everyone wants a stable job. In the past year, there have been too many ups and downs for everyone. Those who were assured of their job security set back to know that they are no longer having their job. Along with that, those who just started with their career, faced a lot of difficulties as companies started to cut short their workforce to 50%. Now in such situations, freelancers were the ones who had full job security. Why? Because they are paid on a per-project basis, companies are hiring freelancers so that they can get the work and only have to pay for what they want to get done. So, in this way, freelancers are always stable in their work.

Offers a sense of self-satisfaction

Companies are increasingly juggling their minds to adapt to work from the home situation and accept the latest trend of “new normal”. But in the process, they are losing their productive time and at the same time fail to manage their work schedules.

On the contrary, those working with freelancers are easily accommodating work, no matter how the situation is, their work is always in place and on time. This offers a sense of self-satisfaction to freelancers and helps them to plan their schedules to take more projects and earn more.

Demerits of working as a freelancer and the reasons behind its less popular in India

Can cause you suffocation

For those who have a habit of working from the office along with interacting with all the other employees and staff members, it can be really hard to focus on work for those people as a freelancer. Why? Because networking keeps you going. It helps you to keep focused on your work and stay updated about new trends.

Overview of Freelancing Journey in India

A career as a freelancer comes with its positives and negatives. However, it is completely up to you, whether you take these points as positive or negative. Unlike sitting for the entire day, (mainly 9-5) on a desk without many breaks, freelancing is flexible, as it allows you to work from anywhere, anytime at your ease. You also see a sudden dip in your travel expenses. The ideal way to manage your freelancing career is to take limited tasks which you can complete with ease, along with that try to manage some time for family and to heal your inner soul too.

Freelancing doesn’t want you to work for an entire day. All it requires is to deliver quality work within the given time frame.


In India, freelancing is yet to become a popular venture. People are trying to adopt this new working style, some are being successful while others are not. Well, in India, people are more inclined towards the traditional ways of working in a proper office workspace or even in co-working spaces but not freelancing.

Unlike a full-time job, the freelancing doesn’t want you to just keep sitting in front of the screen even when you are not feeling it. Freelancing enables you to work at your ease and at the same time helps you to build quality work. It also makes your work within your productive working mode which enhances your traits, skills, personality to the next level.

To succeed as a freelancer, you must first go through both sides which state its Pros and Cons, and then make a decision.

We hope that you will choose the best one for yourself!

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