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This Winter Keep These 5 Things in Mind While Riding Your Bike

MediaInfoline January 7, 2020

Icy roads and snow-covered trails – this is why some people put off their bikes in the winter, while the quest for cold thrill begins for others.

Are you among those who use their bikes every day to get to work – unphased by the weather and seasons?

Riding throughout the year requires caution, but especially winters. Nonetheless, you can safely carry on riding even during the worst winter weather with the right kit, two-wheeler insurance, a little common sense, and some minor changes in your riding style.

Making a bike ride checklist at the end of the nitty-gritties can help you stay safe and prepared for the winters. Keep the following things in mind before heading out to ride your bike this winter season:

  1. Wear a Helmet

Safety always comes first. The most critical piece of safety equipment is your helmet. Make sure you wear a helmet that is good in good condition. Generally, a standard helmet is perfect for use for five years and needs replacement after that.

So, whenever you’re on a bike, wear a helmet that fits appropriately to protect your neck, head, and brain in case you fall down. Avoid wearing a broken helmet to avoid getting caught by the traffic police.

  1. Consider Visibility on The Roads While Riding Bike

Fog in winters is one reason behind the increased count of road accidents. Many people ignore heavy fog in winters and keep on riding their bikes at high speeds. This mistake often leads them to face road accidents.

For safe bike-riding experience in the winters, make sure you consider visibility on the roads. Avoid commuting using your bike during extreme low visibility. Otherwise, ride it at optimal speed.

  1. Wear Proper Biking Gears

Riding safety in cold weather means you need the correct gear choice. It’s all about layering. Base Layers (full leg and full sleeve), such as those offered many motorcycle apparel companies, are a must. Even when you sweat while riding the bike, the base layers allow your skin to breath and wick away moisture. This helps in the evaporation of sweat rather than turning to cold perspiration inside.

  1. Look After Your Bike’s Tyres

You must check your bike’s tyres at least once before the winter season starts. If the depth of their tread has dropped significantly, consider replacing the tyres to ensure road safety. New tyres with enough tread depth will help you cope with excessively wet or slushy surfaces.

One myth is that under-inflated tyres offer a better grip in winters, which is not true. So, avoid following it.

  1. Keep Your Bike Documents in Place

Keep your documents, such as the bike’s PUC, driving license and your registration papers with you before heading off. This will ensure you have them handy whenever the road authorities ask for it. These days, you can even keep the vehicle’s RC or your driving license downloaded in soft copy to be shown as and when the need arises.

Road accidents can occur at any time, and their risk is even higher in winters. Still, if you want to enjoy the thrill of riding bikes in winters, you must do your part in staying safe on the roads by following this checklist.Also, make sure you buy a two wheeler insurance policy from reputable insurers, such as Tata AIG, to cover repair costs in case an unfortunate event occurs.You can buy two-wheeler insurance online or offline as well. Together with the other essential insurance coverage, they provide add-ons, such as third-party property damage compensation and personal accident cover for the owner-driver.


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