Amol Palekar graces the stage with Hindi play ‘Kusur’


A rainy night, the emergency control room of a police station, a retired Assistant Commissioner of Police and one phone call. What follows is a gripping series of twists and turns that unfold by the minute, peeling off layers of our broken urban ethos. Helmed by the legendary actor-director Amol Palekar, KUSUR (The Mistake), is not a conventional crime drama.

25 years on, at the earnest behest of his fans, Palekar will be performing on the stage as retired ACP Dandavate. BookMyShow is bringing this theatrical experience to audiences across India.

The fast pace story whirls us through twists and turns disturbing our complacency and overturning our assumptions. The deep subtext will linger in our minds beyond the curtain drop,” says Palekar who has directed the play along with Sandhya Gokhale. KUSUR is produced by JSW and Anaan Nirmitee.

As an actor, the role poses an enormous challenge, demanding tremendous emotional and physical energy at my age,” adds Palekar who will be completing 75 years of age on 24th November 2019 when the show will premiere at the TATA Theatre, NCPA, Mumbai.

It may be called a social thriller that can happen in any of our lives,” noted writer Sandhya Gokhale, who has written this play, describes.

Adapted from the Danish film ‘Den Skyldige’, Gokhale’s narrative illuminates the multi-cultural complexities of a contemporary life in a modern Indian city like Mumbai.

Speaking about the play, Kumar Razdan, Head – Theatricals, BookMyShow said, “The appetite for quality theatre in India has grown manifold over time, with Indian audiences seeking varied and quality entertainment options. This has resulted in growing affinity for Indian plays both, the likes of broadway style Mughal-e-Azam as also regional productions like A Perfect Murder, Albatya Galbatya enthralling audiences and helping build a larger community for the medium of theatre. BookMyShow constantly strives to curate unparalleled out-of-home entertainment experiences and quality theatre is a key offering within this universe. Kusur – The Mistake is a spectacular offering and we are thrilled to be able to bring to audiences, this gripping thriller helmed by none other than Amol Palekar, as he makes a come back to the stage after 25 years.”

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