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Dance With Madhuri launches #UnitedByDance

Madhushree Chakrabarty April 30, 2021

At this point in time when staying at home can keep us safe, Dance With Madhuri has come up with a #UnitedByDance campaign. The idea behind the month-long campaign is to keep the audiences entertained and engaged while staying at home. It is aimed at health & mental wellness, social happiness, and spreading positivity through dance. 

The campaign got started on the occasion of International Dance Day on 29th April 2021 and will feature LIVE sessions and new classes every week available for free. Dance enthusiasts will get the chance of learning choreographies, participate in LIVE interactive masterclasses from the experts, and dabble with new dance forms. There is also a contest being hosted named #UnitedByDance as a part of the campaign where 3 annual subscriptions for Dance With Madhuri will be won by every week’s winners along with a chance to get featured on the show.

Madhuri Dixit’s byte.

Te dance enthusiasts will also have the chance to attend the master class from the dance diva Madhuri Dixit herself.

The initiative will not only have dance enthusiasts from India but also from various other countries including Mauritius, the USA, UAE, and Singapore. These enthusiasts are already doing great work in their own niche specialties. For example, Valerie Medard who is a Kuchipudi dancer from Mauritius will host masterclasses, Anjali Sengupta from Australia who is a dance & creative arts therapist, Savio Barnes, Aishwarya Radhakrishnan, Rujuta Vaidya, and other Dance With Madhuri choreographers. The campaign will bring in a great mix of world-class experts that dance enthusiasts will get to learn a lot from.

Commenting on the same Madhuri Dixit said, “The #UnitedByDance campaign aims at spreading positivity, social happiness, and mental and physical wellness through dance, from the sanctity of everyone’s homes.”  

Stay at home, take a chance and shake a leg online with Dance with Madhuri.

Check out the tweet from the diva.


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