Bookings Open for New Range Rover Velar in India

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Bookings have begun for the New Range Rover Velar in India, featuring advanced infotainment, reductionist design, and two powertrain options.


Our Analysis and Commentary

Advanced Infotainment and Design Elevate the Range Rover Velar Experience

The introduction of the New Range Rover Velar in India marks a significant milestone for Land Rover enthusiasts in the country. This exquisite vehicle seamlessly combines advanced infotainment technology with a reductionist design approach, creating a calm sanctuary on wheels.

The refined exterior of the Range Rover Velar captivates with its sleek lines and a new front grille, exuding an unmistakable presence on the road. The addition of Pixel LED Headlights, adorned with jewel-like effect Signature Daytime Running Lights, further enhances its appeal. At the rear, the powerful overhang adds a sense of balance, highlighting the Velar’s impressive length.

Step inside, and the Velar continues to impress with its impeccable craftsmanship. The two new leather colorways, Caraway and Deep Garnet, exude luxury and sophistication. Attention to detail is evident, as seen in the Moonlight Chrome accents on the steering wheel, center console surrounds, and air vents. The tactile Shadow Grey Ash wood veneer trim finishers complete the elegant interior.

But it is the integration of advanced technology that truly elevates the Range Rover Velar experience. The next-generation Pivi Pro infotainment system, with its curved glass touchscreen, allows for seamless control of key vehicle functions. The inclusion of Wireless Apple CarPlay and Wireless Android Auto provides effortless smartphone connectivity, while Wireless Device Charging in the center console ensures a clutter-free environment.

The Velar goes beyond aesthetic and technological prowess by prioritizing the well-being of its occupants. With pioneering Active Road Noise Cancellation technology, road noise is suppressed, offering an exceptionally quiet cabin experience. The Cabin Air Purification Plus system takes occupant comfort to the next level by promoting superior air quality. By monitoring and adjusting air quality parameters, it mitigates the presence of pollutants and allergens, contributing to the overall well-being of the passengers.

When it comes to performance and capability, the Range Rover Velar does not disappoint. Its advanced chassis and suspension setups guarantee trademark Range Rover ride comfort and refinement. Whether traversing rough terrains or gliding over city streets, the Electronic Air Suspension and Adaptive Dynamics work together to deliver a serene driving experience.

Furthermore, the Terrain Response 2 system empowers the driver to conquer any road or weather condition with confidence. With seven different modes, including Eco, Comfort, and Dynamic, the Velar ensures optimum traction and stability control to suit every driving environment.

In conclusion, the New Range Rover Velar is a testament to the innovation and commitment of Land Rover. With its perfect fusion of sophisticated design, cutting-edge technology, and unrivaled performance, the Velar appeals to discerning clients seeking a refined and truly captivating driving experience. As bookings open in India, enthusiasts can look forward to acquiring a vehicle that symbolizes elegance, comfort, and a harmonious marriage of form and function.


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Bookings for the New Range Rover Velar have been opened in India. The New Range Rover Velar is available in Dynamic HSE with two powertrain options – the 2.0 l petrol engine delivering a power of 184 kW and 365 Nm torque and a 2.0 l Ingenium diesel engine delivering a power of 150 kW and 420 Nm torque.

Rajan Amba, Managing Director, JLR India, said: “The New Range Rover Velar is a pure expression of trademark Range Rover refinement, featuring the latest technology and a dramatic, clean and reductive new design. Defined by perfectly optimised proportions, the Range Rover Velar embodies sophisticated elegance with a dramatic presence, which makes it that much more intriguing and desirable to our discerning clients.”

Reductive Design

The Range Rover Velar features a new front grille, alongside the introduction of new Pixel LED Headlights with jewel-like effect Signature Daytime Running Lights. At the rear, the powerful overhang provides balance and highlights the Range Rover Velar’s imposing length.

The Range Rover Velar is available in two new leather colourways – Caraway and Deep Garnet. These are complemented by a curated choice of details, including new Moonlight Chrome on the steering wheel, centre console surrounds and air vents. Tactile Shadow Grey Ash wood veneer trim finishers underline its elegance. Two new colour options join the exterior palette: Metallic Varesine Blue and Premium Metallic Zadar Grey.

Seamless Integration

New Range Rover Velar is the first to feature the next-generation Pivi Pro infotainment, which incorporates controls for all key vehicle functions within the new 28.95 cm (11.4) curved glass touchscreen.

Pivi Pro supports effortless smartphone connectivity with Wireless Apple CarPlayT and Wireless Android AutoR while Wireless Device Charging, from a new stowage area in the centre console, provides immediate fast charging and reduces the need for wires.

Calm Sanctuary

The cosseting cabin of the Range Rover Velar minimises road noise with pioneering Active Road Noise Cancellation technology, ensuring the New Range Rover Velar offers an extremely quiet in-cabin experience.

The latest Cabin Air Purification Plus system helps promote occupant wellbeing and alertness, aiming to provide superior air quality. CO2 management and PM2.5 Cabin Air Filtration improve the cabin environment by monitoring interior and exterior air and adjusting accordingly. The system also combines nanoeT X technology to combat pathogens and help significantly reduce odours, bacteria and allergens.

Performance and Capability

Trademark Range Rover ride comfort and refinement is provided by advanced chassis and suspension set-ups in the Range Rover Velar. Electronic Air Suspension provides serene comfort, maintaining composure on rougher roads while smoothing out bumps with Adaptive Dynamics, an advanced chassis system that continuously varies the damping forces at each wheel.

Terrain Response 2R is accessible through Pivi Pro and allows the driver to adjust vehicle settings to suit the driving environment, with a choice of Eco, Comfort, Grass-Gravel-Snow, Mud-Ruts, Sand, Dynamic and Automatic mode. Each alters the calibration of the engine, transmission, all-wheel drive system, suspension, and stability control systems for optimum traction and composure.

The New Range Rover Velar is available to order now with deliveries from September 2023 onwards.

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