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CarDekho launches strong and thoughtful campaign ‘E’ for Elderly


India’s leading full-stack auto tech company, CarDekho, promote a safe driving environment for senior citizens by launching a strong and thoughtful campaign ‘E’ for Elderly.

The campaign targets those senior citizens who are self-driving and it promotes greater responsibility towards them and creates awareness about the sensitive social issue of road safety. The pandemic has led to most people preferring personal mobility options over shared mobility. The new initiative has been joined by the company’s brand ambassadors K. L. Rahul, Mahesh Babu, Akshay Kumar and Rahul Dravid.

Leo Burnett has conceptualized and executed the campaign which is going to be launched across all digital platforms. The elderly people are more likely to drive themselves due to pandemic rather than taking cabs and thus, for this, the company wishes to create a safe driving environment for them. There will be a sign of ‘E’ for the elders just like ‘L’ stands for learners. So, through this, the campaign aims for all the eligible drivers to take extra caution while driving close to a car with an ‘E’ symbol on it.

Thus, to warn other drivers that the vehicle is driven by an elderly person, the campaign asks family members to put an ‘E’ symbol on the windshield/back glass of their senior citizen’s car.

Campaign Link:

Akshay Kumar –

KL Rahul –

Mahesh Babu –

Rahul Dravid-

At the launch of the campaign, Gaurav Mehta, Chief Marketing Officer, CarDekho Group, said, “This campaign reflects an ideology that the brand stands for –developing an inclusive and caring personal mobility environment for everyone. There has been a huge change in the way we live now. We want to make everyone feel safe and have a hassle-free driving experience, especially senior citizens. We hope this campaign will promote simple, incremental behavioural changes and more empathy towards elders driving on the road.”

Adding further, Rajdeepak Das, CEO& Chief Creative Officer – South Asia, Leo Burnett says “E for elderly” is a great example of how a simple idea can create a big change. With the pandemic we have seen the rise in people taking personal transport, including our senior citizens who have taken to driving once again. But how to make people compassionate towards elderly who getting back to driving after years.So we created “E” as the sign for Elderly drivers. You can write on a paper, print, use tape, as long as it’s an E it does the job. We are very proud to be a part of this initiative with CarDekho and hope to make a positive difference with this campaign”


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