CARS24 urges people to stay in their homes, changes logo to”Home24”

CARS24 urges people to stay safely inside their homes amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, changes logo to Home24

CARS24, a tech enabled used car platform, has launched Home24 campaign urging people to stay at home and spreading awareness around hygienic practices including washing hands and self-isolation. As part of this campaign, the company has tweaked its logo from ‘CARS24’ to ‘Home24’ to spread awareness about COVID 19 and conveying the importance of social distancing and ‘Stay at home’. The logo has replaced the old logo of CARS24 on the company’s website and across all the social media platforms including FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

With this campaign, the company intends to promote Home24 message and motivate people to practice self-quarantine for next 21 days. The company will further encourage its workforce to replace their profile pictures from their social media accounts with the modified logo for at least 24 hours and contribute to spread the awareness about the virus.

Sharing the details about the campaign, CARS24 Spokesperson said, “Adapting to change is not an easy task. But in challenging times like these it only becomes imperative we do.  This is a little step that we’ve taken in support of staying at home, staying safe and stopping the spread of Coronavirus.”

Earlier, in another move, CARS24 had suspended its operations at their branches across the nation to support the Janta Curfew. The company has actively been giving training sessions to their employees and providing them with the accurate measures to maintain respiratory hygiene, the right method and frequency of washing hands and identification of associated symptoms.  The company will ensure that not only their employees, but their entire network understands the seriousness of the situation and amend the step to stay safe at home.

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