Hero MotoSports Team Dakar Rally 2021 begins

Hero MotoSports Team begins the 43rd Dakar Rally 2021

Hero MotoSports Team Rally completed its 43rd Dakar Rally 2021. All the three star riders finished the rally safely. Joaquim Rodrigues finished the stage at 22nd place followed by Sebastian Buhler at 29th and C S Santosh at the 43rd positions.

Sebastian Buhler rode first for his team but chose the wrong track with other riders for about 20 kilometers and rode most of the stage alone.

Joaquim Rodrigues started off well but decided to drive safely to avoid unwanted incidents and C S Santosh too rode safely and ended at 43rd rank.

Joaquim Rodrigues (Competitor No. 27) said, “It felt like a really long stage today. I didn’t start very confident and definitely, my speed was also not up there. So, I decided to focus on navigation throughout the stage. But as soon as some riders passed me, there was a lot of dust and I lost my way a bit. But I am happy that the first stage is off my shoulder and now we take on the second one tomorrow.”

C S Santosh (Competitor No. 50) said, “It was definitely not an easy stage today. It was a really physical stage with a lot of rocks to go through so it was slow and you had to always watch the roadbook. There were lots of direction changes and tricky navigation to set you off the track. So overall I think it was a very tough first stage of the Dakar and it sets the precedence for the stages to come ahead.”

Sebastian Buhler (Competitor No. 24) said, “Today was a hard stage in general. It was more like an enduro stage but over stones. I made a small mistake in the beginning in choosing a track and after that, I was pretty much riding alone in the dust which was very difficult and risky. But it’s only the first day so I am happy to be back at the bivouac safely and tomorrow we will try to do better.”

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