Honda released an ad campaign More Than Just Cars by Taproot Dentsu

On International Women’s Day, Taproot Dentsu’s latest Campaign for Honda says Women are Driving More Than Just Cars

Honda Cars has released an ad campaign, More Than Just Cars on International Women’s Day. The campaign has been conceptualized and executed by Taproot Dentsu.

More than just cars shows a melange of black and white pictures of women taking charge and are in the middle of an action. Every picture is captioned with a title that represents the roles that women are playing so effortlessly. The picture shows a woman coaching a man in a boardroom captioned with Opinions. The next picture shows a woman shooting behind the camera with a perfect title, Point of View. The third picture shows a woman conducting an orchestra and has been titled Culture. The fourth picture shows a woman working alone in a big glass cabin captioned Economy. The fifth one shows a woman depicting Diversity. The sixth one shows a woman holding a position in the US Senate office, correctly titled Office. The next one shows a mother teaching her child, captioned Values. Then, a woman is being shown working in overalls, titled Conversations. The ninth one shows a woman working in technology and has rightly been given the title, Innovations. The tenth and the last picture shows a rock star kind of woman on stage standing up for a cause, captioned as Causes. The film closes with a super line, ‘We love the way you are driving more than just cars’.

Watch the film here.

Talking about the campaign, Titus Upputuru, Creative Head, Taproot Dentsu, Gurugram said, “Women have been sort of at the receiving end when it came to the general perception about their driving skills on the road. Seeing a car that is driven not so smoothly, men are often heard saying, ‘Aah must be a woman’. We thought we will change the conversation and show how in today’s world women are driving so many things – offices, economy, cultures, values. They are leading conversations. They are navigating thought leadership. Honda is a brave client to provoke this sort of conversation in the context of driving – that there are far more important issues and women are driving many things other than just cars.”

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