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Hyundai announces enhancement of user experience on Click to Buy

Shreoshree Chakrabarty January 13, 2021

New customer convenience features & benefits have been announced on India’s first and only end-to-end online car buying platform, Click to Buy by Hyundai Motor India Ltd. This platform has been curated to provide incredible Future Retail Experience to Indian customers.

Commenting on the launch of the new version of the ‘Click to Buy’, Mr. W S Oh, Executive Director – Corporate Planning, said, “Being a global technology leader, Hyundai is creating benchmarks in the auto industry by introducing most advanced customized solutions for new-age progressive India customers. Click to Buy will widen the purview of our customers and enable them towards safer, quicker and contactless transactions. We are committed to making customer’s life a happy Life and be Future Ready to set newer paradigms in the digital retail space.”

Aiming at instilling more confidence in customers to opt for end-to-end online purchase, the new version of Click to Buy focuses on enhanced user experience and customer convenience with better user interface and process enhancements.

Key features include:

  • With enhanced user experience on the website, the online buying journey becomes easier
  • The dependency on Sales Consultants is reduced and there is less-intervention
  • Exact on-road price before Login is provided with precise information for customers
  • Along with the addition of leading banks, more online financing options like loan eligibility check
  • Customer enquiries are answered instantly
  • Customer convenience is increased on the website

Owning a new car online and making it contactless, safer and convenient and hassle-free is facilitated through this end-to-end retail of Hyundai cars on ‘Click to Buy’. This platform covers all stages of customer purchase journey completely online in a seamless and convenient manner and with ‘Click to Buy’ Hyundai is offering access to its complete range of car models online. Facilitating user experience enhancement in this one-stop solution for customers’ car ownership requirement has additional customer delight benefits such as –

  1. Full online finance integration– With 4 of India’s top Private Banks on-board, full online finance integration
  2. Enhanced Online journey- To ease customer’s online buying journey, intuitive& interactive website UI/UX is introduced
  3. Transparency & Customer Trust– To enhance customer’s trust in Click to Buy process, it has been precise on-road price from the very beginning of the online journey
  4. Flexible Buying Options- Selection of a preferred Dealerships on the basis of their Google Ratings is also available to the customers as they can know stock availability as per product and Dealer selection
  5. Quick response to customer enquiry– To give a quicker response to customer enquiries, auto-assignment of Sales Consultant is done
  6. Virtual showroom experience-To provide customers with the real time buying experience, 3D configurator with audio hotspots (in English & Hindi Language) is also available.
  7. Easy finance eligibility check– In discovery phase of the online car buying journey, it provides the customer with a precise indication of his eligible loan limits

Including millennials for purchase of new Hyundai cars, Hyundai will cater to the needs of all customers with the new version of Click to Buy. Including the all-new i20, all Hyundai models are available on Click to Buy website and for over 600 Hyundai Dealerships, this would act as an additional sales channel. With all these facilities and enhancements lined up, the responses from the customers have been enthralling. It has recorded 7 Million visitors on the Click to Buy website, over 47000 customer registrations 54000 enquiries and close to 4300 bookings.


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