MG Motor India enters its centenary year; launches an immersive AI Customer campaign


MG Motor India, an iconic British car brand with a rich automotive legacy, today announced the launch of its ‘100 Years of Driving Smiles’ campaign aimed at taking customer focus to new heights by embracing AI technology and bringing back the visionary spirit of its founder, Cecil Kimber. MG has harnessed the power of AI to create a virtual representation of Cecil Kimber. Through cutting-edge AI technology, MG has brought back the essence of the man who laid the foundation for MG’s legacy of joy in 1924.

The campaign video launched in association with EFGH Brand Innovations features an AI-generated rendition of Cecil Kimber, delivering a powerful message and showcasing MG’s renewed commitment to providing a customer-centric approach. The virtual presence of Cecil Kimber is meant to evoke a sense of legacy and personalized attention, underscoring MG’s dedication to providing an unparalleled customer experience. By leveraging modern AI capabilities, MG aims to combine past expertise with innovative, forward-thinking solutions for the present and future.

With a synergy of Technology and Smiles as its driving force, the brand holds a sense of pride in its journey of growth in India, bringing innovative product, fostering communities, advocating for diversity, and strengthening the electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem. Since commencing its India journey in 2019, MG Motor India has been at the forefront of CASE mobility (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric), starting with MG Hector, India’s first Internet SUV, followed by MG ZS EV – the first fully-electric Internet SUV. The brand also introduced cutting-edge innovations – all MG cars have more than 50 connected technology features with 100 voice commands.

Cecil Kimber’s passion for innovation is carried forward through MG’s exciting product offerings and sustainable mobility advancements, positively impacting the environment and various communities the brand serves. MG’s journey into the future is marked by a perfect harmony of the brand’s heritage and cutting-edge technology.

MG Motor India has always put customers at the forefront of their operations. The campaign has been rolled out to honour the strong bond between the brand and the customers. The marriage of AI and Cecil Kimber’s legacy enables MG to stay ahead of the curve and create a unique and compelling customer experience in the automotive industry.

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