MG Motor Launches Enhanced ZS EV with Autonomous Level-2 (ADAS)

: "Image of the upgraded MG ZS EV with Autonomous Level-2 (ADAS) technology"


MG Motor India introduces the upgraded variant of its ZS EV, featuring Autonomous Level-2 (ADAS) technology. The electric SUV offers enhanced driving experience, safety, and convenience with its advanced features.


Our Analysis and Commentary

The MG ZS EV: Paving the Way for a Sustainable and Connected Future

The launch of the enhanced variant of the MG ZS EV, equipped with Autonomous Level-2 (ADAS) technology, marks a significant milestone in the evolution of electric mobility in India. With a positive bias towards this groundbreaking development, we delve into the various aspects of this pure-electric internet SUV and highlight its impact on the future of the automotive industry.

First and foremost, the MG ZS EV’s ADAS technology sets a new benchmark for driving assistance, control, and comfort. Its three levels of sensitivity and warning provide a tailor-made driving experience, placing safety at the forefront. Features like Traffic Jam Assist, Forward Collision Warning, and the Speed Assist System ensure a seamless and secure journey, making congestion and potential collisions a thing of the past. The Lane Functions and Adaptive Cruise Control further enhance convenience and driver fatigue reduction.

Furthermore, the MG ZS EV showcases the brand’s commitment to electric mobility and a sustainable future. By offering an attractive ownership experience and accessible electric SUV, MG Motor India is actively accelerating the transition towards a zero-emission society and bolstering the EV ecosystem in the country. The inclusivity and affordability of this electric offering demonstrate their dedication to making sustainable transportation a reality for all.

The evolved battery technology of the ZS EV is another noteworthy aspect. Built to withstand Indian driving conditions, the battery meets stringent safety and performance requirements. With better dust and water resistance, it provides a durable and reliable power source. The extended lifespan and UL2580 Safety Management System certification ensure peace of mind for owners, while the ASIL-D Enhanced Safety Integrity Level rating guarantees enhanced protection on the road.

Charging infrastructure remains a crucial concern for electric vehicle adoption, and the ZS EV addresses this with its evolved charging solutions. The availability of six charging options, ranging from DC Super-Fast Chargers to community chargers, offers unmatched flexibility. Whether at home, office, or during roadside assistance, the convenience and ease of charging ensure that customers can explore more without compromising their lifestyle. This comprehensive approach to charging infrastructure makes the ZS EV a truly versatile and practical electric SUV.

Ahead of its time, the ZS EV boasts not just technological advancements but also an aesthetically pleasing design. With its full LED headlamps, R17 Tomahawk alloy wheels, and a wide SUV stance, it exudes a futuristic and captivating appeal. Customers can choose from a variety of eye-catching colors, further enhancing the personalization aspect.

The ZS EV’s iSMART next-gen technology elevates the driving experience to new heights. With over 75 connected car features, including the first-in-segment Digital Key, a full digital cluster, and an HD touchscreen infotainment system, the SUV seamlessly integrates technology for a more satisfying journey. The extensive virtual reality commands and live location sharing ensure that drivers remain connected and in control, making the ZS EV a truly smart and connected vehicle.

Safety is a top priority for MG, and the ZS EV illustrates this with its array of advanced safety features. The 360-degree around-view camera, rear parking sensors, Hill Descent Control, and multiple airbags offer unmatched protection for occupants. In a world where safety is paramount, MG has left no stone unturned in ensuring passengers’ well-being.

The interior of the ZS EV exudes a blend of aesthetics and comfort. The Dual-tone Iconic ivory theme and Dark Grey theme create a sophisticated and inviting ambiance. The addition of a rear AC vent, a first-in-segment feature, ensures that passengers enjoy a pleasant and comfortable ride even on the hottest days.

Under the hood, the ZS EV’s 8-layer hairpin motor delivers impressive power and acceleration. With three driving modes, drivers can customize their driving experience to suit their preferences and requirements, providing a dynamic and exhilarating performance.

Finally, MG Motor India’s commitment to customer satisfaction doesn’t end with the product launch. The MG e-SHIELD program offers a range of after-sales service options, including warranty extension, RSA extension, and maintenance plans, ensuring peace of mind and convenience for owners.

In conclusion, the MG ZS EV’s launch is a game-changer for the Indian automotive industry. Its combination of electric power, internet connectivity, and autonomous capabilities embodies the future of mobility. With its evolved battery, charging solutions, ownership experience, exteriors, tech features, safety measures, interiors, engine efficiency, and commitment to customer service, the ZS EV pioneers a new era of sustainable and connected driving. MG Motor India‘s focus on making electric mobility accessible and embracing a positive and sustainable future is commendable, and the ZS EV serves as a testament to their vision and dedication.


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MG Motor launches India’s first pure-electric internet SUV – ZS EV now with Autonomous Level-2 (ADAS)

MG Motor India, the British automobile brand with a 99-year-old legacy, today launched the enhanced variant of its ZS EV with Autonomous Level-2, (ADAS) at a price of Rs.27.89 Lakh valid for a limited time. The Autonomous Level-2, (ADAS) set of features enhances the driving experience by providing assistance, control, and comfort in various driving situations. The MG ZS EV embodies the evolution of electric mobility, combining electric power, internet connectivity, and autonomous capabilities. The futuristically designed SUV offers a good on-road appearance, driving convenience, and luxurious plush interiors.

MG ZS EV’s Autonomous Level 2 (ADAS) Technology

The MG ZS EV’s Autonomous Level 2 (ADAS) technology which works on three levels of sensitivity – low, medium and high, and three levels of warning – haptic, audio and visual, enhances the driving experience and safety of the passengers. Traffic Jam Assist (TJA) ensures a hassle-free driving experience, even in congested traffic. Forward Collision Warning (FCW) enhances safety by notifying the driver of potential collisions and applying autonomous deceleration if there is no action from the driver. The Speed Assist System (SAS) alerts and prevents you from over speeding. Lane Functions improve safety by helping prevent unintentional deviation from the driving lane. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) enhances convenience by reducing driver fatigue and safety by maintaining proper distance from the vehicle in front.

Evolved Battery

The pure-electric SUV’s battery has been tested to meet the most stringent safety and performance requirements that enhance its overall durability, provide stable battery operation and better lifespan in Indian driving conditions. The battery has been designed to comply with IP69K to provide better dust and water resistance and meets the UL2580 Safety Management System as well as the ASIL-D Enhanced Safety Integrity Level rating.

Evolved Charging

With its range and versatile charging options, the MG ZS EV empowers customers to explore more without compromising on convenience. Charging the vehicle is a hassle-free process, offering flexibility for various lifestyles. The vehicle can be charged easily and conveniently through six charging solutions, such as DC Super-Fast Chargers at dealerships, AC Fast Chargers which can be installed at homes and offices by MG, a plug-and-charge cable onboard, charge-on-the-go with RSA (Roadside Assistance), and community chargers etc.

Evolved Ownership

In addition, the ZS EV with its progressive look and wide SUV stance comes tailor-made for uninterrupted, performance-assured ownership, and enjoyable drives all thanks to its extended driving range of 461* km on a single charge with its 50.3kWh advanced prismatic battery. Engineered with precision, the prismatic battery delivers one of the best real-world ranges in its class and comes with 8 years battery warranty*. MG ZSEV owners can enjoy an extended driving range on a single charge, empowering them to embark on longer journeys with confidence. Also, the ZS EV makes economic sense with its superior TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and running cost of 60 paise/km*. In effect, this translates to savings of up to Rs 4,00,000* over three years as compared to the costs of comparable SUVs built on ICE powertrains.

Evolved Exteriors

The ZS EV comes with full LED Hawkeye headlamps and LED tail lamps. The wheels are R17 Tomahawk hub design alloy, and the SUV comes in three variants: Excite, Exclusive, and Exclusive Pro. It is available in four colours: Glaze Red**, Aurora Silver, Starry Black, and Candy White.

Evolved Tech

The ZS EV comes bundled with iSMART next-gen technology that combines hardware, software, services, and applications to offer 75+ connected car features to make for smoother, more satisfying driving experiences. The first-in-segment Digital Key enables locking, unlocking, starting, and even driving the ZS EV, without the physical key. The SUV also comes with a full digital cluster with a 17.78 cm, embedded LCD screen and a segment-leading 25.7 cm HD Touchscreen infotainment system. The ZS EV has 100+ VR commands to control various features like Sky Roof, AC, Music, Navigation, etc. It has Live location sharing & tracking and weather forecast information.

Evolved Safety

In terms of safety, MG ZS EV is offered with a 1st in-segment 360-degree around view camera with rear parking sensors and a Hill Descent Control (HDC), another first-in-segment feature. The vehicle has 6 airbags (dual, front, side, and curtain), electronic stability control, a tyre pressure monitoring system, and a hill-start assist.

Evolved Interiors

The interiors of the ZS EV combine aesthetics and comfort. It comes in a Dual-tone Iconic ivory theme and a Dark Grey theme already available for existing models. The ZS EV has a first-in-segment rear AC vent.

Evolved Engine

The ZS EV 8-layer hairpin motor delivers 176PS power and provides a 0-100 km/h acceleration in just 8.5 seconds. The vehicle comes with three driving modes: Eco, Normal, and Sport, for drive customization as per driver requirements.

Evolved Service

As with other MG vehicles, the ZS EV brings with it the unique car ownership program “MG e-SHIELD” with after-sales service options for the assurance and convenience of owners. Customers can opt for combinations of warranty extension, RSA extension and maintenance plans at competitive prices.


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