Svitch expands across India with more than 70 dealers

Electric bicycle manufacturer Svitch concretes its pan-India presence with over 70 dealers

Made In India electric bicycle manufacturing company, Svitch is expanding its presence throughout India with over 70 dealers. Presently, the brand’s distributors are in Haryana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and New Delhi. The brand also has four exclusive showrooms in Pune, Himmatnagar, Bengaluru, and Aurangabad.

Svitch is best known for three of its most famous bicycle models such as Svitch MXE, Svitch XE+, and Svitch XE. The brand has recently launched two new renovated versions of the electric cycle model – All new XE and All-new XE+. The brand has been able to rise as the most loved electric cycle among the consumers, even in the mid of the global pandemic.

Commenting on its rapid expansion and growth, Mr. Raj Patel, Founder Svitch, said, “We began our humble journey with just two employees in just a 650-square-foot office. Today, with the support of consumers and dealers, we have grown up to 87+ Svitch mates and our headquarter spans across over 6000 square feet in Ahmedabad. We also have a factory spread over 40,000 square feet. There is relentless hard work behind this success. Our products are best-in-class and our technology is unbeatable. The rapid growth in just a splash; Svitch bikes will soon revolutionize the EV market.”

He further added, “Our 250W DC motor gives the rider a speed of 25 km/hr and once you start pedaling, our bikes can easily clock 45 km/hr. The battery life of Svitch bikes is unparalleled and one can ride up to 120 km on a single charge. Also, our vehicles have dual suspension for ultimate comfort, they are sturdy, and they are portable as one can fold them easily. Further, tire, brakes, displays, and all our accessories are top-notch and make every cycling ride a memorable experience.”

As per the company’s official statement, the company’s production work occurs on an automated conveyor belt to decrease human errors and is on an objective to cut down the country’s carbon footprint by 30-35%.

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