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Toyota C-HR Hybrid – Is It Worth Buying?

MediaInfoline March 1, 2021

Toyota C-HR Hybrid

Standing between the Honda HR-V and the now popular Mazda CX-30 is Toyota C-HR. From technology to performance, this compact crossover SUV takes the lead but not for no reason. Its price tag is at par with those embedded on its competitor’s front.

Looking at the exterior design, one would be surprised what will really influence anyone into buying the SUV. The wide-body exhibits a bold stance rarely witnessed on Thailand roads. Blending a hatchback, crossover, and sporty coupe designs gave birth to this model’s weird-looking design. Strict die-hards for hatchback or SUVs are truly finding it hard to choose the Toyota C-HR.

When buying Toyota C-HR, stop looking at the exterior and evaluate its decent fuel consumption rate, elevated high ride, and interior features. The limited cabin space and weak engine performance are some of the shortcomings likely to deter potential buyers from selecting this Toyota.

Whether Toyota C-HR is a good car worth buying is a choice influenced by an individual’s preferences. However, when comparing this subcompact SUV with its competitors, buying decision becomes more complex. The reasons as to whether to buy the C-HR or not are well outlined below to help make an informed decision.

Why You Should Buy Toyota C-HR

There are many reasons as to why you should buy the Toyota C-HR. Whereas some may not like its design, the irresistible and distinctive design is worth dying for. Its characteristic bold curves and wide dual-tone alloy wheels are attractive to those who admire the illusions of a strong king-of-the-road SUV.

Combining the shark fin antenna and the extended rear spoiler makes C-HR look more agile. Riding in a cabin the offers more space than is needed is what you get after buying this Toyota. Also, you’ll be sitting on sporty comfortable seats that have electric push buttons to adjust seating your sitting position.

If you great fun with modern technology, you’ll enjoy the touch of a 7-inch screen and music player that seamlessly connects with T-Connects Telematics technology. Included in the entertainment system are Apple CarPlay, Amazon Alexa Integration, and Android Auto.

A cabin filled with fresh and germ-free air that’s filtered by the nanoe air filter system should positively influence your buying choice.

To reduce your fuel bills and conserve the environment, the hybrid’s 16-valve DOHC engine is equipped with an electric motor to propel the crossover. And for a smart and smooth drive, between the electric motor engine and the engine is an E-CVT smart transmission system.

Toyota C-HR safety features are worth admiration. Besides utilizing GOA body structure for maximum shock absorption, all C-HR trims come equipped with airbags at the knee level, front, and sides. It’s also loaded with a lane departure system, driver-assist system, and Dynamic Radar Cruise control.


Even though Toyota C-HRis highly applauded for its performance, efficiency, and cozy interior, its maintenance is neither easy nor cheap. In conclusion, this crossover SUV is among the most sought-after cars after its predecessor Toyota Rav4.


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