According to RECMA’s latest report, dentsu X India reaches No.1


As per the latest report of RECMA, Dominant agencies: where are the champions?, dentsu X has been named the most ‘dominant agency’ of India. It has also ranked the media agency as the most undisputed No. 1 agency on Vitality. This is the third time that dentsu X is winning this prestigious rank and has been winning this rank for three consecutive years.

The report was released on September 30, 2020.In the report, there were 700 agencies that were evaluated globally by RECMA and only 27 of them are Dominant in 16 countries. It is an audit of the media agency performances that has been carried out in a total of 47 countries, is based on 19 different criteria. The report captures the record of the last three years based on agency momentum, competitive pitches, the client profile of each agency and resources.

Speaking on the recognition, Divya Karani, Chief Executive Officer, dentsu X India said, “Building an organisation brick-by-brick takes sustained effort and patience but does make for solid foundation. Our stature and growth trajectory are a result of our data driven design, our ‘experience beyond exposure’ thinking and deep client partnership in effecting business outcomes. When our clients succeed, we succeed!”

RECMA is the only independent company that publishes an extensive media agency notation reports on a global scale. RECMA’s mission is to provide strategic intelligence reference tools that will help in the decision making and agency sourcing by the top 500 global advertisers. Currently, the brand analyzes and collects data from over 1400 media agencies across 90 countries.

dentsu X is a media agnecy that offers integrated communication solutions. It comprises of three agencies; dX-cubic, dX-palette and dX-matrix. It is very prominent for a consumer demand led world to consistently attract, convert, acquire and retain customers with innovative ideas. dentsu X has high end clients that includes Toyota, Maruti Suzuki, SEBI, Reckitt Benckiser, Honda Motorcycles, OPPO, Association of Mutual Funds, Suzuki Motorcycles, HDFC Ergo OnePlus and Honda Cars.

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