47 IHCL hotels awarded EarthCheck Platinum Certification

EarthCheck Platinum certification earned by 47 IHCL hotels

Indian Hotels Company (IHCL), a pioneer of Indian hospitality and South Asia’s largest hospitality company, excels to reiterate its promise towards adopting and strengthening its sustainable business practices. IHCL will continue to drive responsible tourism by ensuring phasing out single-use plastic, reduction in carbon footprint, water conservation, and utilization of renewable sources of energy to extensive community engagement. The company has achieved a milestone by receiving EarthCheck Platinum Certification by 47 of its hotels on Earth Day. With the new additions, the company has now a total of 78 EarthCheck certified hotels under its umbrella. The company is standing tall in social and environmental impact by ensuring sustainable tourism management practices for the last 11 years. Some of the notable achievements they have made are:

  1. The company has reduced water consumption by approximately 3,000,000 kilolitres.
  2. Approximately 232,000,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) have been reduced by their sustainable practices.
  3. With smart energy management, the company has been able to save 1,202,000,000 megajoules of energy.
  4. The company has ensured proper waste management thereby reducing 17,000 cubic meters of waste going to landfill.

15 IHCL hotels have introduced bottling plants. 27 IHCL hotels currently operate on renewable energy

The Company has further strengthened its endeavor to phase out single-use plastics from across its hotels, in addition to introducing bottling plants that will replace all plastic water bottles with reusable glass bottles at 15 hotels across the globe, which can result in eliminating 0.2 million kilograms of plastic. Currently, 27 hotels are powered by renewable energy, an initiative that has been further strengthened by IHCL’s recent partnership with Tata Power to provide energy from Green Source to its key hotels in Mumbai.

In its pursuit of excellence and creating benchmarks in the tourism industry, IHCL will continue to pioneer sustainable practices for a greener future.

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