FCB India wins Grand Prix at Spikes Asia 2022 for the 4th consecutive time

FCB India wins Grand Prix at Spikes Asia 2022 for the 4th consecutive time

FCB India marks its 4th consecutive Grand Prix win at the Spikes Asia 2022! FCB India won the Grand Prix for the campaign- ‘The Nominate Me Selfie’ for Political Shakti & The Times of India along with a Silver. The agency also won Bronze for The Mirror.

FCB won the Grand Prix in 2018 for Sindoor Khela, in 2019 for The Open Door Project and in 2021 for Times Out&Proud.

Aadhe Hum, Aadha Humara- The Nominate Me Selfie for Political Shakti & The Times of India is a powerful reminder of the concept of gender representation at the top.  50% of our population are women, but only a fraction of parliamentarians are represented by this gender, leaving half of the electorate without or with very little voice. #AadhaHumara is an urgent cry to bridge the political gender gap and bring about adequate representation in policy making and the power circles.

Tara Krishnaswamy, Co-founder Political Shakti, said, “The awards are a testament to the creativity of our volunteers. This was the time when the country was reeling under Covid and we could not gather in large numbers for a ground campaign to demand 50% women candidates. It brought out the novel idea of using the narcissistic selfie to ask for women’s representation!”

Speaking on this momentous win, Swati Bhattacharya, Creative Chairperson, FCB India, said, “To partner Tara and TOI on this was the high point of my covid lock up. Every shakti volunteer on ground is the true recipients of this honour!”

Delighted on another record breaking win, Rohit Ohri, Chairman & CEO, FCB Group India, said, “Our Nominate Me Selfie campaign brings to the fore a real issue facing our nation today. This campaign will continue till we have 50% women representatives in Parliament. We will try and put more ‘shakti’ in the hands of every Shakti volunteer on ground.”

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