Kinnect won big at the 13th Annual Shorty Awards 2021

Kinnect Bangalore starts with a bang, roping in Paul Dueman to lead Business Growth

India’s leading digital marketing agency, Kinnect won two golds for TikTok India’s #MatKarForward in the PSA and Use of Hashtags categories at the 13th Annual Shorty Awards 2021. The agency also won one silver for HDFC Bank’s #AddAnAd in Contest/Promotion and one bronze for #MatKarForward in the Call To Action category.

Additionally, Kinnect bagged top audience honours for #MatKarForward in the PSA, Multi-Platform Influencer Campaign, and Call To Action categories and for #AddAnAd in the Use of Instagram and Contest/Promotions categories.

The Annual Shorty Awards are known for presenting the significance of creativity and innovation in digital and social media. The agency became one of the top awarded Indian agencies at the prestigious Shorty Awards. 

On Kinnect’s notable wins at the Shorty Awards, CEO – Rohan Mehta commented, “I am immensely proud that we brought home top honors at the prestigious Shorty Awards. This win is a testament to our agency’s efforts in building some of the best brands and our capabilities to pivot and leverage exciting opportunities on digital. Most importantly, it’s a great honor to be amongst the top Indian agencies, competing with and winning against globally recognized digital and mainline agencies. Also, that this work was executed remotely, with teams collaborating across various locations and regions, highlights our rooted edge to the creative and the digital potential of Kinnect. We look forward to doing more work that moves needles and inspires growth.” 

The #MatKarForward campaign launched by Kinnect for TikTok was aimed at spreading awareness among people about the probable ‘distress’ caused by a forwarded message. And, another award-winning campaign launched by Kinnect was #AddAnAd for HDFC Bank which was fondly called by people – ‘Diwali’s most clever campaign yet’. This campaign was aimed at leveraging HDFC’s Festive Treats offers for consumers, and not focus on competition with other brands. 

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