Lokmat Media Group Announces 3rd Edition of Lokmat Social Media Awards 2023 in Pune

: Lokmat Social Media Awards 2023 logo: Celebrating Excellence in Digital Media.


Lokmat Media Group presents the 3rd edition of the Lokmat Social Media Awards 2023, recognizing outstanding work in the digital media realm. The awards feature new categories and a rigorous judging process.


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Lokmat Social Media Awards 2023 Celebrate Digital Influencers and Foster Growth

The Lokmat Media Group’s announcement of the 3rd edition of the Lokmat Social Media Awards 2023 in Pune is a significant step towards recognizing and celebrating the remarkable work of digital media influencers. This annual event serves as a platform to honor and appreciate the exceptional efforts of influencers who have made a lasting impact in the industry.

The inclusion of several new and exciting categories in this year’s awards demonstrates Lokmat’s commitment to staying current and relevant in the ever-evolving digital landscape. From influencers in fashion, food, and travel to those promoting social causes and education, the variety of categories ensures that deserving talent from various domains gets recognized.

The rigorous and comprehensive three-step selection process, involving the submission of applications, evaluation by esteemed judges, and the announcement of winners, adds credibility and integrity to the awards. By considering criteria such as creativity, engagement, execution, and consistency, the judging panel ensures that only the most deserving influencers are recognized.

The presence of notable personalities and dignitaries at the Lokmat Social Media Awards adds to the prestige and grandeur of the event. Their support and participation create an atmosphere that inspires both established influencers and rising talents to strive for excellence in their respective fields.

The captivating performances by mentalist Vivek Desai and the talented members of the Orange Juice Gang further heightened the entertainment quotient of the event, leaving the audience mesmerized and creating unforgettable memories.

Moreover, the involvement of respected organizations and individuals as partners and sponsors, such as Kolte Patil Developers Limited, Lokmanya Society Pune, and Suryadatta Group of Institutes, showcases the collaborative spirit and industry-wide support for digital influencers.

The Lokmat Social Media Awards 2023 is not just a celebration of individual achievements but also an occasion to foster a vibrant community of influencers and enthusiasts. By recognizing and appreciating their efforts, Lokmat Media Group fuels the growth of the digital media realm, creating an environment conducive to innovation and inspiration.

In conclusion, the Lokmat Social Media Awards 2023 in Pune is a commendable initiative that elevates the significance of digital media influencers and their contributions. This event serves as a testament to Lokmat Media Group‘s commitment to nurturing talent and shining a spotlight on the remarkable work being done in the digital landscape.


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Lokmat Media Group announces the 3rd edition of Lokmat Social Media Awards 2023 in Pune

Lokmat Media Group proudly presented the much-awaited 3rd edition of the Lokmat Social Media Awards 2023, continuing its dedication to recognize outstanding work in the digital media realm. Established in 2021 by Lokmat, the annual event serves as a proactive community of influencers and enthusiasts who are committed to fostering the growth of digital influencers across the state.

The selection process for the winners was a comprehensive three-step procedure. Participants first submitted their applications to compete in the prestigious awards. Subsequently, a panel of judges evaluated the contestants, shortlisting three finalists and winners in each category. The official announcement of the competition results and the names of the exceptional winners across various categories followed suit.

As the Lokmat Social Media Awards enters its 3rd edition, Lokmat takes pride in introducing several new and exciting categories this year. The award categories include Influencer of the Year, Rising Star, Viral Creator, Beauty, Celebrity, Comic, Dance, DIY, Education, Entertainment, Parenting, Fashion, Food, Gaming, Luxury, Macro, Micro, Finance, Music, Photography, Regional, Social Cause, Tech, Travel, Health Care, Fitness, and Others.

To maintain the highest level of integrity in the judging process, contestants were evaluated by an esteemed panel of independent judges, each representing the top experts in the industry. Each nominee underwent a rigorous assessment based on various criteria, such as Creativity, Engagement, Multiplatform presence, Execution, Consistency, Trendsetting abilities, and Virality.

This year’s final jury comprises notable personalities, including Karishma Mehta, Founder of Humans of Bombay; Nikhil Chandwani, Author; Madhura Bachal, Renowned Youtuber (Madhura’s Kitchen) and Krishna Prakash, Chief of Maharashtra Police Force one.

The Lokmat Social Media Awards commenced with a warm welcome speech from Sunjay Awate, Editor, Lokmat, Pune. The presence of notable personalities like Punit Balan, Chairperson, Punit Balan Group; Saurabh Ghadge and Karan Sonawane, Orange Juice Gang; Pravin Tarde, Director and Actor; and Girija Oak, actress added to the allure of the event.

The evening was further elevated by captivating performances by the incredible Mentalist, Vivek Desai, as well as the talented members of the Orange Juice Gang. Their enchanting acts left the audience mesmerized, making the event truly memorable.

The event was graced by the presence of esteemed individuals, including the Title partner of the event Rahul Talele, Group CEO of Kolte Patil Developers Limited. The event was powered by Lokmanya Society Pune, Sushil Jadhav, Zonal Head, while Dr. Sanjay Chordiya, Chairman of Suryadatta Group of Institutes, played the role of the Academic Partner. Additionally, Dr. Saagar Balwadkar, Director of Kings Royal Riders, played a pivotal role as the driven partner of the event.

The Lokmat Social Media Awards 2023 serves as a platform to honor and appreciate the remarkable efforts of digital media influencers who have left an indelible mark on the industry. Lokmat Media Group remains committed to fostering a vibrant community of influencers and enthusiasts, making significant contributions to the digital landscape.

Lokmat Social Media Awards 2023 winners list:

Sr. No. Names Category
1 Sagar Saoji Best Architectural Reviewer
2 Ranjita Rohan Patil Emerging Food Creator
3 Yugandhar Pawar Utkat Durg Bharmanti Creator
4 Mohammad irfan Rising Comic Creator
5 Akash Jadhav & Santosh Jadhav Best Agro Creator
6 Vaibhav Waykar Emerging Educator (Electronics)
7 Rachana Sunny Takale Rising Creator-Couple
8 Harshvardhan Shahi Micro Creator- Food Lifestyle
9 Asmita Anil Bagale Emerging Fashion Creator
10 Ankita Walawalkar Best Creator – Regional Language
11 Dr Mekhala Bawsay Best Macro Influencer Health Lifestyle
12 Sumit Patil Micro Creator – Abstract Comic
13 Shashank Gattewar Best Civic Commentator
14 Bipin mahore Best Nano Creator Male
15 Shravani bhavsar Best Nano Creator Female
16 Seema kadam Best Nano Creator- Couple
17 Tarunya vairagade Inspiring Creator – Clothing
18 Prasad Upendra Limaye Nanno Reel Creator
19 Vivek Desai Best Creator- Illusionist
20 Srushti Ambavale Best Influential Creator – Female
21 Mimi Khadse Emerging Creator- Child Artist
22 Ruchika Asatkar Micro Creator- Travel Lifestyle
23 Nimishan Dharurkar Micro Creator – Slice Of Life
24 Bai cha Kitchen Disruptor of the Year
25 Giri Gajanand Family Micro Creator – Family
26 Dolly Most Viral Chai Ki Charcha
27 I Chottu Dada Most Viral Video Creator
28 Kishor Aggarwal Micro Creator- Social Humor
29 Aaryak Pathak Rising Creator
30 Pravin Tarde Social Impact Creator- Male
31 Ghe Bharari Best Page- Value Creation
32 PULA Most Empowering Initative
33 Adhunika Prakash Social Impact Creator- Female
34 Radhika Sonawane Micro Creator- Environment
35 Makrannd Sardeshmukh Nano Creator- Astrology
36 Aashna Bhagwani Body Postivity
37 Girija Oak Celebrity Creator
38 Abhinav Thul Promising Creator- Regional

About Lokmat Media Group:

Lokmat Media Pvt. Ltd. is a leading media company with interests in a diversified portfolio of publishing, broadcast, digital, entertainment and community. Lokmat Media Group publishes India’s No1 Marathi daily Lokmat, Lokmat Samachar and Lokmat Times with a combined readership of 2.56 cr (source: All India, Total readership, IRS 2019, Q4).

Keeping abreast with the changing digital landscape, Lokmat Group makes its content available for its readers through its multilingual news portals and mobile news app. Lokmat.com, the largest digital marathi platform monthly has about 25 Mn+ Users generating 300 Mn Page Views. Our social media channels do approximately a total of 400 million video views. News18 Lokmat channel, a JV with the Network18 Group is one the largest marathi news channel with a reach of 2cr.


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