OYO Corporate Housekeeper Ayush Agarwal felicitated at the International Housekeepers’ Summit 2017

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Ayush Agarwal, Corporate Housekeeper, OYO Townhouse & Flagship, was recently felicitated for his contributions at the International Housekeepers’ Summit 2017. He was awarded the ‘Best Housekeeper in India’ and tied for 2nd Runner Up for ‘Best Housekeeper in Asia’. These accolades were followed by the IPHA Award for ‘Promising GenX Housekeeper’.

Ayush was recognised for his efforts towards fostering new methodologies in the management of hospitality operations, aimed towards delivering the best-in-class experience to customers. The award was presented by Mr. Anil Madhok, Executive Chairman, Sarovar Hotels Pvt. Ltd. at the ceremony held at Sahara Star Mumbai.

In his capacity as Corporate Housekeeper for OYO, Ayush has worked towards furthering the company’s mission of creating beautiful and quality living spaces. He has created a strong Audit Centre for Townhouse and Flagship properties which helps the staff maintain high standards of service across locations.

He has also recently launched ‘GenX Housekeepers’, an initiative aimed at young professionals in the Hospitality and Service industry, to help increase awareness of the housekeeping function and create a new talent pool catering to the same. Building such a network within the industry can prove to be a great help to on-ground operations teams by raising the bar for service standards across the board.

Ayush Agarwal, Corporate Housekeeper, OYO Townhouse & Flagship said, “I am honoured to have received not one but three accolades. I am certain that recognitions like these can serve as an impetus for the housekeeper community to continue to offer world class services.”

Commenting on the recognition, Ms. Garima Nagpal, Head – Quality said, “The role of housekeeper is amongst the most crucial in the hotel management industry; one that offers tremendous scope for creativity and innovation. We take great pride in our employees, the true custodians of our brand promise, in being recognised for their performance resulting in customer delight. We are grateful to our teams for their efforts towards ensuring the success of OYO and also in helping further cement the customer’s trust in the budget hospitality segment. Together, we hope to have a positive impact on the industry at large and awards like these only serve to fuel our passion for excellence further.”

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