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Book Review

Book Review: I am M-M-Mumbai

MediaInfoline October 31, 2018

The Book

‘I am M-M-Mumbai’ is a delightful narrative with an intriguing spotlight over the struggle that comes on the way of dreams and success. The book is penned by Rishi Vohra, who previously published two books.


The story starts with a middle class boy named, Rudra Talpade, who lives in the dream city of India- Mumbai. with his family. The father is sometimes very hard upon his son while the mother is his only supporter of his son in the family. Soon after reading a few pages, you know the biggest hurdle of Rudra’s life – stammering.

The first thing that will keep your charm with the read is the inspiring narrative that flows throughout the story. Till the last you’ll find the boy fighting and finally overcome the only hurdle he owns, i.e. stammering. The book portrays a simple story with some romantic aspect as well. It speaks what a true support mean and all about obstructions while shoving through one’s dream.

The narrator has beautifully captured every mood of the characters. A simple language is easy to follow throughout the read.

Woefully saying…

The story sometimes seems too easy. Like, the dreams seem so easily achieved. Yes, we agree destiny play a vital role in one’s life, but we do know that it’s not always on my side. Apart from this, the read is a perfect delight and always uplifting.

Last words…

Life always throws a challenge towards each one of us, but how we react to the issues is all about this book. Particularly a worth read if you are getting some low vibes from your life, because this book would definitely make you feel all positive.

The book is now available at a price of Rs. 250.

Media Infoline contributes 7 out of 10 stars.



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