2 Quarters of Glory; ZEE Biskope Hits Another Century


Bhojpuri, a unique regional bastion which has its consumers spread across India and global diaspora, given it being the highest migration community in India. A pool with rich social, cultural, historical and demographical milieu to be tapped. Yet, its TV entertainment category remained merely a commoditised landscape, side-lining and underserving its ever-evolving viewer base. Circa 2019, birth of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd’s, first curated Bhojpuri movie channel ZEE Biskope aimed at addressing the audience with need-specific, aspiration-specific and psychography-specific content and projections. No wonder, not only it became the first ever channel in the category to open at Numero Uno position but also earned the distinct glory of the first Bhojpuri channel to elevate the work to such a level of excellence that it was appreciated, hailed and adorned across the most prestigious professional forums, a fete till that time un-achieved by any other brand in the category. The leading Bhojpuri channel scripted a glorious chapter in its marketing journey by winning 105 marketing awards in the last financial year. However, that’s not where it all ends. The brand only moved forward & upward. After winning 27 metals at ACEF Content Marketing & Asian Leadership Awards, ZEE Biskope has etched history again hitting over a century of Marketing awards: 104 to be specific in just 2 quarters of this financial year.

The achievements across various platforms are enlisted below:

Award Platforms National/ International #Metals
Global Digital Marketing Awards 2022 International 10
CMO Asia’s The Business Leader of the Year Award 2022 International 7
ACEF Global Customer Engagement Awards 2022 International 13
CMO Asia Awards for Excellence in Branding & Digital Marketing 2022 International 8
ACEF Content Marketing & Creator’s Awards 2022 International 14
ACEF Asian Leadership Awards 2022 International 13
Afaqs Media Awards 2022 National 10
Adgully Digixx Awards 2022 National 10
Promax India Regional Awards 2022 National 1
E4M Content 40 Under 40 National 1
National Awards for Excellence in Branding & Digital Marketing 2022 National 9
Afaqs Marketers Excellence Awards 2022 National 2
E4M Indian Digital marketing Awards 2022 National 3
Promax India Awards 2022 National 1
Economic Times Brand Equity SPOTT Awards 2022 National 2
Total 104

Speaking about this great fete, Mr. Samrat Ghosh, Chief Cluster Officer East, ZEEL, said, “ZEE Biskope is built on the core premise of establishing, celebrating, and elevating the consumer truth in its most engaging form. Since it’s launch, the brand has been a beacon of living this philosophy and transforming the category dynamics all the way. It not only reshaped the viewer expectations but also elevated Bhojpuri to a reputed level across respected National as well as Global professional forums. It’s indeed a proud moment for all of us at ZEE Biskope.”

Adding to this, Mr. Amarpreet Singh Saini, Chief Channel Officer, Bhojpuri Cluster, said, “ZEE Biskope’s Marketing philosophy is based on three key elements: Innovation, Insights & Engagement. Just about last FY, when we achieved the first milestone by completing a century of Marketing awards within a full year cycle, it was a huge motivation that made our commitment towards consumer centrism stronger and firmer. Such has been the dedication of the team towards bringing the Bhojpuriya soul to screen, that their efforts have not just been appreciated by our ardent viewers but also recognised to the extent that today we stand with yet another century in half the time. A huge congratulations to the team for this rare feat. Here’s to the Bhojpuriya spirit of ZEE Biskope: Aanthon Pahariya Loota Lahariya!”

These awards are not just an endorsement of what the brand believes in at being native to the region that it caters to but also of its firm conviction about Bhojpuri deserving the stature that is due to it. This achievement further accentuates ZEE Biskope’s thought leadership in redefining and shaping the category. Here’s to many more glorious milestones ahead.


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