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A Startup for the Startups!

MediaInfoline September 22, 2017

Prime minister Narendra Modi’s “Start-up India” mission and vision to nourish entrepreneurship among nationals is showing up results as recent reports show India ranking 3rd globally with over 4200 startups and around three startups being born every day in the country. The startup boom in India has begun full flow and is expected to increase to 10,000 by 2020.

With more than 85000 professionals engaged directly or indirectly, this particular sector proves to be an important growth accelerator for the Indian Economy.

Meratask, one of the fastest growing micro-logistic delivery services is helping many stratups to grow by providing special delivery services for the them. All the service-oriented budding startups look out for fast and efficient intracity parcel delivery services to keep the momentum going. Gone are the days of past when a courier was expected in not less than 3-4 days, Meratask provides the same day delivery services! Meratask boasts of its robust teams of taskers who provide quick, safe and secure delivery services to the startups. Any intracity couriers across Delhi-NCR can book their tasks on Meratask for their Intra-city parcel delivery services.

The delivery services that had been unorganized in past are now a full-fledged organized sector. So far more than 6200 customers have joined Meratask and the number is increasing every day. Meratask’s founder Mr. Piyush Tandon says ,“Keeping a dedicated team of taskers was not as easy as we thought it to be. To encourage our team ,we called a meeting along with all the taskers and made it clear what our goals are and let the goals of Meratask sync with their career goals. That’s how we built a great team together”. Meratask is proud to have a team of taskers where each one of them work relentlessly and are always on the go to provide delivery services for the startups.

So no matter if it is some document, grocery, gift, handicraft, shoes, book or any other item, Meratask will deliver it for you in a single day, committed to help every startup to grow with their service. Cheers to the spirit of Start-up India!!!

For outsourcing your work, visit or call on 9717999666. Download the ‘Meratask App’ to enjoy fast and quick delivery.


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