Aditya Birla Health Insurance successfully accomplishes #JumpForHealth Campaign


#JumpForHealth, a month-long initiative launched by Aditya Birla Health Insurance Co. Ltd. encouraged people to jump and share videos of them jumping on social media platforms. The initiative not only encouraged people to live a healthy lifestyle but also counted every jump of individuals with a thought – ‘your feet in the air can help someone walk on their feet’. For every 10,000 jumps received, the company decided to donate 1 prosthetic leg to a person in need.

The initiative saw participation from across a wide spectrum of people including;

  • From toddlers to a man on Everest Base Camp
  • From a physically disabled man to parkour enthusiasts
  • From celebrities to school children and mothers
  • From people in parks to 2000 women jumping on the beach

The initiative witnessed 2 million jumps submission from people across the globe, making a contribution of 200 prosthetic legs.

#JumpForHealth – The journey to 2 million jumps:

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