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Alexa and list of questions by Indians all year round!

Shreoshree Chakrabarty February 8, 2021

Alexa was introduced to Indian household three years back and since then Alexa has been available for different people in different means. A new partner for fun while learning- for parents and kids. A reliable assistant- for people working from home by helping them keep track of activities with alarms, reminders, lists, bill payments and so much more.

Alexa has become an integral part of Indian customers’ lives. Starting right from asking for their favourite music to controlling their smart homes, Alexa has been handling all of it, all while having fun.

Let’s go through a recap of how Indians interacted with Alexa in 2020:

  • Alexa, rasodey mein kaun tha?” was the most popular in 2020. With over 14,000 times a day, customers waited for her quirky reply to the question. Alexa is on top of the pop culture phenomenon.
  • Alexa made customers laugh close to 9,000 times every day by cracking a joke. This proves she can tickle your funny bone too! And not only that, she makes for a good laugh-along buddy, as she laughed along to the 12,000 times its customers asked her to do so.
  • Alexa has also been flooded with the love expressed by Indians. Around 19,000 times a day, they confessed ’Alexa, I love you’’ and asked ‘’Alexa, marry me’’ around 6,000 times a day.
  • The works of popular poets like Mirza Ghalib were also served by Alexa in Urdu and Love Shayari. Customers loved it as they asked for the Shayari at least 3,000 times a day.
  • Indians also requested for over 17 Lakh songs every day for the love of music and their favourite songs on Alexa. Some of the most requested Bollywood songs in 2020 included Shaitan Ka Saala, Muqabla, and Aankh Marey.
  • Alexa answered more than 4,000 requests per day during Durga Pooja, Dussehra and Navaratri festivals and thus she donned the role of a Purohit/Pandit- from reciting Bhajans to playing Aarthi songs.
  • Customers asked Alexa to control a smart device 8.6 Lakh times every day and used voice to control their smart lights, fans, ACs, security cameras, air purifiers and TVs. So, we know, Smart Home appliances were the talk of almost every Alexa household.
  • Mimicking celebs has always been our favourite pastime and now having Alexa as our partner those Bollywood buffs asked Alexa to mimic a celeb every day which rounded up to 3,000 times every day, where they asked her to deliver a Bollywood dialogue in Alexa’s ishtyle.
  • Customers asked Alexa for “Kavita” over 1000 times a day! So, if you didn’t already Alexa does poetry too, here is your cue. Be it about friendship or hope or even the diversity of food in India, she has a poem for them all.
  • Alexa even answered more than 86,000 factual questions every day! From ‘who has scored the most runs?’ to ‘why do we celebrate Diwali?’
  • Alexa narrated almost 19,000 stories per day, in Hindi and English.
  • Alexa is there to answer all your wonders. So, in case you are wondering how a Llama sounds? Just ask Alexa. She answered over 43,000 animal sounds requests via the Wild Planet Skill every day.
  • Alexa addressed over 5.8 Lakh requests every day on the Amazon shopping app by helping customers search for products, best deals, make bill payments and even listen to music.

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