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Allied Blenders and Distillers all set to transform its deluxe brand – OC Blue


Allied Blenders and Distillers Pvt. Ltd. (ABD)has announced the transformation of its premium offering in the deluxe segment, OC Blue, in an all-new avatar. While bringing together a blend of the finest Indian grains, delivering a smooth palate experience, OC Blue, to appeal to its desired target audience, will now be positioned with creative communication, a unique product superiority story and a refreshing pack.

Celebrating the unstoppable spirit of the youth of today, OC Blue has also revealed a new proposition. OC Blue aims to inspire the people who have affected adversely due to the pandemic, through their expression ‘Rok Sake Toh Rok Le’, to hold their dreams and aspirations close to their hearts and be unstoppable. To have relevance in the consumer’s living space, this is in line with the organization’s approach of building brands with purpose.

Strongly believing in the need to innovate and reinvent, Allied Blenders and Distillers is set to keep pace with the dynamic industry and ever-evolving consumer needs. To initiate disruptive marketing initiatives for its deluxe brand, OC Blue, the organization has efficiently developed a comprehensive strategy as part of its transformational journey. ABD is using consistent and 360 approaches to relaunching OC Blue, be it innovative installations of the latest packs in-store or the use of select influencer programs and integrated communication on social platforms.

Commenting on the relaunch of OC Blue, Anupam Bokey, Chief Marketing Officer, Allied Blenders and Distillers Pvt. Ltd. said, “With a deep understanding of the rising need for transformation and innovation in the marketing space, we intend to pioneer path-breaking thinking and cater to consumer requirements. The new communication on OC Blue embodies the unstoppable spirit of today’s youth to achieve their dreams by overcoming societal naysayers and all other challenges encountered. Through this new communication plank, we believe the brand will now find strong resonance with the relevant target audience. We know our blend is very good, hence we are hopeful that our new mix will find resonance with our consumers”

As the new OC Blue pack resonates with its new identity and positioning of being bold yet simple, it is more contemporary and meaningful. Retaining its authoritative and masculine orientation, the design and its elements are seamless, clean and modern. The promise of product superiority is ensured by the reason to believe in 3-steps to smoothness.

In the deluxe segment, OC Blue stands out as a distinguished product with its smoothness and fine texture as it is made out of 100% Indian grains. Recently, the brand was awarded a ‘Notable Product’ rating by the International Institute of Taste, Brussels further cementing the superiority of the offering.


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