Amway celebrates Louis Braille Day in collaboration with All India Confederation of the Blind

Amway India, the country’s largest Direct Selling FMCG company celebrated 209th birth anniversary of Louis Braille with its 15 NGO partners for ninth consecutive year by organizing myriad initiatives. In Gurugram, Amway inaugurated the refurbished computer training center for the visually impaired by upgrading equipment and accessories. This computer center was set up in 2010 as a part of Amway’s National Project for the visually impaired under which Amway supports 15 computer centres across the country benefitting more than 1,000 visually impaired students every year.

As a part of the celebrations, a special cultural programme was organized which included group and solo dance performances, followed by Braille reading by the students of AICB. The event witnessed an active participation of Amway direct sellers and employees.

Mr. GS Cheema, Sr. Vice President – North & South, Amway India, said, “We have been working tirelessly towards the welfare of the visually impaired with a firm belief that education is the key to the future that create opportunities transcending physical limitations. We hope that our support will inspire the students of AICB Capt. Chandanlal Special School to excel in different aspects of life and showcase their talent in different forums.”

“I wholeheartedly thank Amway India for revamping the Computer Training Centre for our students and celebrating the birth anniversary of Louis Braille by organizing cultural activities. It has been our endeavour to ensure that our young students are provided with multiple opportunities to succeed in life. With support of Amway, we have been able to offer these facilities to our students” commented Sh. JL Kaul, All India Confederation of the Blind.

Louis Braille invented the Braille system to enable visually impaired people to read and write. World Braille Day is celebrated annually on January 4, the birthday of Louis Braille, to recognize his contributions in helping visually impaired people to remain part of mainstream society by reading and writing as a normal person.

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