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Anvidha Technologies Pvt. Ltd. to introduce “EyeMyEye” in India


Anvidha Technologies Private Limited will be introducing a new entity – ‘EyeMyEye’ in India, with a vision towards creating its own niche in the eyewear market as ‘vision’ is what drives businesses around the world. The earlier brand became one of the largest online optical players in India’s Eyewear Market because of the team streamlining their vision with a fresh start. Mr. Ganesh Iyer, Founder & CEO, Anvidha Technologies Private Limited will launch

EyeMyEye is a leap to success with a team size of 150+ members, bringing forth vital knowledge & experience in their armour. With a capacity to furnish 5000+ orders per day, the brand has 70,000 sq. ft. warehouse cum office space in Gurugram.

The new entity is likely to take the VC route. Commenting on the development, Mr. Ganesh Iyer, Founder & CEO, Anvidha Technologies Private Limited said, “As of today, we hold 100% ownership in EyeMyEye, however, there has been substantial interest from the investor community envisioning the current market size plus the success of our last venture. We became one of the second largest players in the category in a short span and this time we plan to expand all our boundaries. We are open to investments and are currently in discussion with a couple of Global International Partners.”

The EyeMyEye team is anchored by its members’ diverse and robust domestic and international experience in the eyewear industry. By being a part of a global network for over 6+ years, the team is focused on giving the Indian audience, the best quality products at unmatched prices, which is currently a challenge in the domestic market. Their global exposure in the past will give them a great upper hand at maintaining quality standards while their Pan India experience will help them to cater to Indian customer’s pockets and preferences. will have the largest share of voice in the market with India’s largest media campaign. It will be launched in May 2021. The brand also plans to present never seen before prices for the customers and bring in big bang offers.



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