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APIS India Adds ‘Saffron’ To Its Product Portfolio

MediaInfoline December 16, 2020

With winters arriving, there will be increase in use of Saffron, commonly known as ‘Kesar’ in India. This incredible spice Saffron is a remedy against cold and cough and a popular ingredient in many traditional Indian cuisines.APIS India, India’s one of the fast-growing FMCG brands, has recently expanded its product portfolio with the addition of ‘ApisSaffron’, which is 100% pure and naturally high in nutritional and medicinal value.

Apis Saffron is available in 1-gram box packaging, priced at Rs. 310. The product is available at hyper stores and leading ecommerce platforms including Flipkart and Amazon.

Speaking on the product expansion, Mr. Pankaj Mishra, CEO, Apis India said,“With a mission to expand the health portfolio, APIS India has added Apis Saffron after the launch of Soya Nuggets recently. Our aim is to innovate new products as per the changing taste of the consumers and palette. This will help us strengthen the portfolio range as we aim to deliver 3 folds revenue by 2023”.

“We launched Saffron, citing it’s a niche spice and has demand throughout the year peaking during winters. It has proven medicinal benefits specially in Ayurveda and has been put to use in traditional Indian cuisines”, adds Mr. Mishra.

The consumption of Saffron in India is approximate 100 metric tonnes annually as per Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Institute of Himalayan bioresource technology. Amongst this, the Southern India is one of the key markets for Saffron with high penetration. Thus, the category is expected to see an acceptance well here.Going forward, we will start distribution in other states as well, along with the e-commerce push. 

Saffron, apart from having a unique colour, and flavour, is rich in vitamins like vitamin A, folic acid, riboflavin, niacin, and vitamin-C–all crucial elements for optimum health. Saffron is high in antioxidants, has the power to reduce free radicals and helps fight cancer. It also helps in weight loss, improves aphrodisiac and enhances mood. Kesar even has the quality of reducing Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) and making the skin and hair amazing!



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