Arnab Goswami Will Anchor A News Debate Show On R. Bangla


Adding to the feverish anticipation of Republic Bangla’s launch, Republic Media Network announced that Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami will anchor a debate show on the upcoming Bengali channel. With this announcement, Arnab Goswami becomes the first-ever news anchor to host daily shows in 3 different languages on 3 different channels.

Republic Media Network’s Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief’s will anchor Jabab Chay Bangla on R. Bangla. The show will follow Arnab Goswami’s signature debate format with breakaway innovations and additions. India’s most-watched news anchor will be breaking into the Bangla broadcast news genre with his debate show right from the day of the R. Bangla launch.

The official announcement was made on the social media handles of the Network on Thursday. Shortly after, Arnab Goswami said, “I started my career in Bengal. In the 25th year of my career as a journalist, I feel so overwhelmed and grateful for getting a chance to speak to my audience in Bangla. Life is coming a full circle.”

“I can’t wait to anchor Jabab Chay Bangla on Republic Bangla. I feel truly blessed at the support that I have received and the love that I continue to get from our dear viewers,” Goswami added.

‘Jabab Chay Bangla’  will become the third daily debate show that Arnab Goswami hosts on Republic Media Network. Goswami’s ‘The Debate’ on Republic TV and ‘Poochta Hai Bharat’ on R. Bharat are already the most watched shows in the English and Hindi news genre respectively. In addition, Goswami also hosts a weekly Sunday Debate on Republic TV.

Republic Bangla has already received a Tsunami of support from viewers, icons, and well-wishers. The R. Bangla tagline Kotha Hobey Chokhe Chokh Rekhe has gained instant virality not just in Bengal but amongst Bengali speakers and personalities across the world. From residents in rural Bengal to Bengali speakers in Melbourne, from the shop-keepers in the lanes of Bengal to icons like Sourav Ganguly and Baba Ramdev– ‘Kotha Hobey Chokhe Chokh Rekhe’ has become an unmissable and roaring chorus ahead of the R. Bangla launch.

The excitement on the ground for R. Bangla is matched with the fact that over 35 brands have already come onboard even before the channel’s launch.

With the launch of Republic Bangla, Republic Media Network is set to reiterate its position as India’s biggest and most impactful news Network. The Network already has over 300 million viewers across the country, in addition to its large viewership across the world including in the UK, the Middle East, the North Africa Region, Canada, Singapore and Australia.

With the largest deployment of resources and news crews in Bengal and reporters in every district, Republic Media Network will have the widest news gathering presence on the ground in Bengal.

As the countdown to launch is set to begin, Republic Media Network is set to disrupt news television once again– this time, with R. Bangla being the biggest disrupter in the Bengali news genre.






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