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Asian Paints Returns with Sharad Shamman People Of Pujo Season

MediaInfoline February 12, 2021

People largely experience the grandeur and creative excellence exhibited during Durga Pujo but only few know the heroes behind the scenes of this vibrant festival. Hence, Asian Paints brings in all its glory, a heartfelt tribute to the People of Kolkata with its most talked about property- Sharad Shamman People of Pujo Season 4. The new season features extraordinary stories of six Heroes of Pujo who add a different meaning to the Pujo celebration itself. It also pays a posthumous tribute to the man who balanced his duties towards the country and his love for family traditions with equal passion- an ardent educationalist, illustrious politician, and Bharat Ratna Awardee, Sri Pranab Mukherjee.

Asian Paints Sharad Shamman People of Pujo campaign was initiated in 2016. This initiative celebrates the life of certain people who make Pujo very special for millions of us and for whom Pujo is just not another festival. It is a significant part of their lives. And with their unconditional effort, contribution and works, they give a new meaning altogether to Durga Pujo. #PeopleOfPujo is a series of micro-tales spinning around the lives of the heroes of Durga Pujo who we rarely come across. Without the collective efforts of all these individual’s tales, the grandeur of Durga Puja would have been lost. With People of Pujo, we celebrate the lives of such Pujo Heroes who have unconditionally contributed to Durga Pujo celebrations.

The People Of Pujo videos give the audience an insight into the humane angle of Pujo celebrations. Each individual’s story is different from the other and deeply emotive which builds a strong connection with the audience. Below are the six heroes who’s stories have been featured on People Of Pujo Season IV:

  • Lt. Sri Pranab Mukherjee – An ardent educationalist, an illustrious politician, former 1stcitizen of India, since his six decade long political career missed his family Durga Puja only 5 times and that too because of the call of the state.


  • Ramkrishna Sutradhar – Pata Durga is almost an extinct form of art. But, Ramkrishna, from Hatserandi village, in Birbhum, is truly last of those Mohicans, a 5thgeneration artist of Pata Durga, who wows to keep this art form alive.


  • Dhananjay Patra – 95% physically challenged, Dhananjay Patra has been making 8ft Durga Pratima every year all by himself and organizes Pujo in his house.


  • Dr. Rajatshubhra Mukhopadhyay – A Medical Practitioner and Child specialist, who left the comforts of urban life to serve the poorer sections in the villages of Bankura and Hooghly.


  • Reba Pal – A 75 year old lady from Krishnanagar has been making Durga Chalchitra painting for the last 4 decades.


  • Bakul Rani Mitra – Officer in Charge, Missing Person Squad – Kolkata Police works tirelessly on all the days of Pujo from her control room to rescue missing persons which go up during this festive period.

Watch the new season of People Of Pujo in the below Asian Paints Sharad Shamman link:

Video link: here

Four of the episodes are already live. The episodes of Reba Pal, Bakul Rani Mitra and Sri Pranab Mukherjee’s will go live on 12th Feb, 19th Feb and 26th Feb respectively.


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